Extended TT - Calgary, AB

Just had a hysterectomy that left me with this...

Just had a hysterectomy that left me with this terrible scar and sagging, hanging, flap of skin. I hate it! I live in Mexico 4-6 months out of the year so wear bathing suits, and tank tops almost everyday. Right now the way I look, I wouldn't be caught dead in a 2 piece. I have seen PS in Calgary and he has suggested I have the whole meal deal. Extended TT~to remove my love handles, and any back fat that I may have. I am 48 yrs old. 5ft (nothing) and 123 lbs. So not really over weight but because I am so short I have no waist.

I am looking so forward to this but worry if the recovery is going to be quite a bit longer or harder because of the incision on my back. Help! Anyone?

I am scheduled Nov. 24th. and i want to leave for Mexico Jan. 4th. Will I be able to?

Just rechecking dates. The 24th is Turkey day. Wanted to make sure we have the right date for you.
Starting to get anxious. I have read a few reviews on here where people aren't exactly happy with their results. Yikes! This is a lot of money to be spending if I'm not happy in the end or need yet, another surgery to revise the scar. Anyone?

While it's good to read up on everything please try to focus on all the positive.  You run risks with any surgical procedure so please don't let this freak you out.  

If you have done your research, have seen your doctors before and after pics, love your doc and are mentally ready then all will be fine.  

The nerves and doubts are all part of this process but don't let them take over.  You can do this:)

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