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It has now been a year since i had the pearl laser...

It has now been a year since i had the pearl laser done, and still NO difference. The procedure was two weeks to go outside, after terrible swelling. I now get blemishes, and cannot go into the sun as i turn beet red. I look older than i did before! A friend had this done after i advised her not to, and she says the same thing, NO difference at all.


who was the dr.?
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I can now say that I am horribly sorry that I did this to perfect skin. I wanted brightness around my eyes, had just a few wrinkles, and undereye circles. I now have angry red eyes 6 weeks out with a terrible infection of the hair follicles under one eye. One place above my eye looks as if I was burned severely. It has really hurt my self esteem. I wish I had never had it done.
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is so helpful to hear from someone who has had a procedure and waited for the entire healing process, so hearing from you a year out is great!

I'm really sorry you didn't see good results though. :(

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