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I researched these tightening treatments from...

I researched these tightening treatments from accent, tytan, thermage lower face lift, liposuction, and more. I read good and bad reviews, went for consults analyzing every little detail. I booked an appointment, cancelled my appointment , thought how expensive it is and if it's worth it. I FINALLY had the procedure done yesterday, lower face and neck. before photos were taken, I was given 1 ES Tylenol and 1 Advil and could have requested more if needed. Yes it was painful in certain areas with a weird sensation around the jaw but tolerable. I have very slight swelling, absolutely no bruising or marks a day later. My hubby didn't know i was getting it and did not notice any thing different. when i got home. I'll post before pictures soon and keep you posted.


Thanks so much for starting your review!! Glad to hear you made it through the procedure just fine. Has the swelling gone down, or do you feel like there is still a slight amount?

P.S. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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9 days later, i feel my skin tighter to lower face...

9 days later, i feel my skin tighter to lower face applying moisturizer tonight. My neck feels sligthly tighter upon touching now the itchness has gone. Although, I liked the look of my neck the first few days (as it was probably swollen. Now the swelling has subsided, so far, i am not too impressed with the way it looks, however, it is comforting knowing collagen is repairing itself for the weeks ahead. I will keep you posted with pictues soon. .


Thanks for your review. Glad to hear the pain was tolerable. I go in May 30th, hoping it goes as well as yours. Please keep us up to date on your progress, would love to hear how it goes for you. Good luck. =)
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Hope all goes well with your procedure on the 30th, looking forward to hear your experience and if you find any difference it's been a month and a day since i had it done and i'm still optomistic that the collagen is building as they say. Will add another post soon with pictures.
I hope it all goes well for you and look forward to hearing your comments, It's 4 weeks and a day since i got lower face done and i'm still optomistic the collagen is building as they say. i will keep you posted.

5 weeks after

So far not to thrilled with my results, mentioned it to my daughters and a gal friend that i had the treatment done on my lower face and neck and they do not see any difference. at this point i feel i've wasted my money and amfeeling disappointed. I do hope time will prove me wrong.


Sorry you're so disappointed 2937anon. Don't lose hope, many people on here didn't see results until the 3 month mark or later. It takes time for collagen to regenerate. Hang in there....We're all pulling for ya. =)
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Round about 7 weeks after getting, not optimistic AT ALL nothing really different in lower face or neck area. I was kidding myself earlier with saying a little bit of tightening occured. i am quite disappointed and feel i've wasted my money. Could it takes 3 months to reimburst the money wasted on such procedure. i'm feeling disappointed and i should have known better. I'm sure there are positive with results with neck lifts, more invasive yes but at least your getting your money worth. Who ever is think of getting this done please read all these reviews. Can't believe i actually believed results would be good with these modern tightening machines what a rip off!!
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Just over 6 weeks, although i still have a little loose skin, horizontal lines when looking in the mirror i feel my neck is tighter as when i spoke i could feel the waddle around my neck like a frog (i know, pretty sad) since getting the treatment what i have noticed is my skin feels tighter when speaking with not so much waddle. In addition to this treatment i'm also now looking after my neck by picking up neck samples from Sephora to test such as MIRICAL WORKER, Thomas Roth skin tightening and others, yes i'm definately giving my neck more attention and STILL OPTOMISTIC that collegen is building so will see. i will put photos up soon so you can judge for yourselves.
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No Dr name

The Technician was very nice and appeared thorough in her procedure working on all the areas of the lower face and neck. I have to return in 3 months for after pictures and was told the clinic would call me a couple of days later to see how i'm doing.

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