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Only 4 weeks to go and I am a combo of nervous and...

Only 4 weeks to go and I am a combo of nervous and excited. It seems like 95% of people go through the whole "what have I done" with a bit of the blues so I am mentally preparing myself for that.

Dr. Dawes will be preforming the procedure, so it'll be no drain :) Though i'm sure it will be a drain on my emotional state haha

3 weeks...

Its feeling surreal and I am trying to keep as busy as possible so I don't have time to think! (and to make time go faster) I got a travel pillow so I can sleep upright without killing my neck. I've heard a lot about recliners... worth it to get one? How long will it be before I can sleep in bed (with tonnes of pillows)? How long afterwards can I comfortably drive again? Any other tips, as inane as they may be, would help.
Got some pj pants and yoga pants yesterday, I am assuming that my usual uniform of jeans isn't going to work for a while ;)

2 weeks....

Only 2 weeks left! Bought a recliner so I have something to sleep in for a bit :) and planning on making some meals for the freezer so my husband and kids can have it a bit easier. Trying to write down as many little things as possible to do before surgery so on the actual day of, I can relax a bit instead of freaking out about whether all the laundry is done ;). (yes, I am one of those haha). Going to book a hotel room for the night before (we are out of towners) and make sure the house is "spring clean".
I am a very fit person, and I think my biggest fear right now is not being able to work out. I was quite a bit heavier before having kids, and after I lost the weight, have been almost a daily exerciser. So freaking out a little bit that I will lose all my "fitness" during recovery. The smart part of my brain knows that it will be easy to regain your fitness when you get the go ahead, but the other part of my brain is saying something completely different. Anyone out there go into a tummy tuck very fit? Any advice? How was recovery? Was it easy to get back to the level you were at?

Thanks! I am getting so excited!

about 48 hours....

Wow, this has come up so fast! Trying to get the last minute things all done, to make my life as easy as possible afterwards. :) My kids are older and great helps, so they will be doing more of the cooking and cleaning until I feel up to it.
Headed to the city tomorrow as we are 3 hours out and surgery is first thing friday morning. AAHHHHHHHHHH!! Very excited, and a little nervous :)

Getting in as much physical activity as possible since I know it will be a while before I can comfortably run again. Been ingesting more than the usual amount of fibre to keep all my innards "happy and regular" and basically trying to keep as busy as possible so that time flies by!!

It's done! Stoned and happy :)

On our way home again, surgery apparently went well with 900 gm of skin removed. Also told me how much fat they sucked out but quite honestly I forgot! I think 800ml but I'm a little stoned haha.

Once upon a time I had a belly button piercing and he couldn't get rid of the holes or it would have been way too tight.

Hubby stopped and got me jugo juice for the way home and is it ever hitting the spot! Now a "short" 3 hour drive home :). Thanks for all the well wishes, I appreciate it!

3 days post

Feeling really good, stopped the narcotic pain meds and taking the occassional Tylenol for a headache. My back and neck ache which is making my head hurt :( Took a shower this morn and trying to take it easy. My head is saying "get moving" and my body is saying "maybe not". So in the interest of avoiding complications I think I'll listen to my body :)

Got the tummy tuck blues :(

So I knew this day was coming... Your mind feels fine, your body feels much better, you look in the mirror and all you see is yuck. I'm tired of sleeping in the recliner, I'm tired of getting tired so easily. And I'm lonely. My hubby is great, the kids are in school all day, and it seems like some of my friends have forgotten about me.

Sorry, just feeling uber sorry for myself. I just want to hibernate for the next 5 weeks and have recovery done and over with.

Thanks for listening! I know these feelings will pass, I'm just so used to being a busy bee and now I physically can't. And I guess after having worked so hard to lose weight and leave it off I'm super worried that I'll put on 20 pounds a week. I know that realistically I can make sure that won't happen, but it's just old fears resurfacing. I'm counting calories and eating as clean as possible and I know that the big rib cage and upper thighs is swelling... Not fat that has magically accumulated in the past 5 days.

Gave myself a jamberry pedicure this morn :) So happy my daughter talked me into selling it, love funky nails!!

8 days post

How I wish that the mind and body were at the same pace! Decided this morning that if I didn't leave the house I was going to hurt someone! We live rural, about 40 minutes from the closest real grocery store, and I thought it would all be fine. Had both kids with me so I hung on to the cart and they put the groceries in the cart. Daughter has her learners so she could drive home if I wanted her to. Well, the lineup at safeway wasn't long but it was veryyyyyy slow lol. Left the debit card and groceries with the kids, they paid and packed while I went and sat in the car :) Same thing at walmart and when we got home, I went to the recliner and slept. Which is sooooo not me :) So lesson learned, apparently a week isn't enough time to go out and about.

Have been looking at my before pictures and wow. It's crazy and I am so so happy that I went through with it though I wish time would go by a little faster :)

Also thrilled that the weather is now warm enough to be wearing crops, I am so sick of pj pants and yoga pants! My usual attire is jeans and a t-shirt, actually had a pair of my baggier jeans on yesterday! I felt human again!! ;)

Go for my first post op appointment on wednesday, not looking forward to the 3 hour drive, but the hubby is driving so it'll all be good.

Monday I go to the naturopathic doctor, been having so many issues that the GP has not seemed to give 2 hoots about, so on to more alternative measures! Thinking its a thyroid issue, symptoms getting worse as the months go by (sore dry eyes, puffy lids, ice cold feet all the time and the list goes on) so hoping that all goes well.

Figure with this "new body" and all the effort I put into being healthy, I may as well take another step and address all the issues :)

First PO check up :)

PS seemed very impressed with the results so far. But more importantly, i'm impressed :) Still quite a bit of swelling, but that will go down with time. Also got the go ahead to do what I want as long as I listen to my body and stop when it starts to not feel right. And I wore jeans!! Yay!!! I felt human haha. So this morning I am going to put on my sneakers and try to go for a short walk. Compromised with the hubby, he said if he even sees me walking funny this afternoon or that it looks like I am in pain, he is taking away my runners :)

Got scar scream and a silicone strip to start using at 3 weeks PO and a dermal repair cream to start using now to heal the belly and flank skin.

Spring is in the air, and I have a spring in my step!!

2 week PO pics

So far so good! Some swelling but feeling more and more like myself!

Feels like I turned a corner...

The last few days I have felt like i've turned a corner. When I've been sitting for a while and stand up, there isn't as much "pull". I've woken up on occasion sleeping on my belly, and I don't get tired as easily. There is still some swelling, but I am prepared for that to go on for quite a while. I'm still careful getting in and out of the car, but it's so much easier now than even a week ago. I've been breaking a sweat for the past week which has helped my mental state immensly and I am thinking it also helps to feel physically better. Obviously not for everyone, I think we all have different reactions to the actual surgery, anesthetic etc, and its not a one size fits all approach. But happy my PS said to do what you want and let your body be your guide. And that means listen to your body, not your mind, because your mind may say do more, when your body is screaming please no! LOL

I picked up a stage 2 compression garment to start wearing next week. Wasn't told to but I do notice more swelling at the end of the day and I figured if I feel more comfortable wearing one, it doesn't hurt!

Hope everyone has a great easter weekend :)

They said just sleep with your binder on...

So I did. Just wore a spanx top. Everything was fine until I had to go to the field to bring my hubby some food. It was so bumpy and it hurt! Told the kids "tonight when we go again I HAVE to wear the binder". Well.... I forgot. Was just on the sides where they did some lipo. But I have learned my lesson... wear the stinking binder when driving the truck to the field and take the least bumpy gravel road you can even if it means it'll take longer to get there. ( It is painfully obvious that the one county does so much more road maintenance with the tax dollars than the other. As soon as you pass the one intersection... you feel it! LOL It's always been obvious...now it just hurts its so obvious) When we got home I gave my flanks a nice massage and it feels so much better.

Other than that, healing is going really well. I am almost back to my usual treadmill workouts, and a few more weeks I can break out the "real" moves hahaha. Even a light jog is going just fine. I am sure I swell a bit more when I work out, but I am also sure that will subside with time. Not willing to cut out all physical activity just so there isn't too much swelling, KWIM?

I don't get very tired anymore either and my tt blues have gone away too. I will post pictures again soon.

4 weeks PO pics

These pics are after not wearing the binder since I woke up and standing at an auction for a few hours :). Some swelling but overall not bad (I think)

6 weeks 4 days

So far so good, have had quite a bit of lower ab swelling but according to the PS this is normal and to be expected. The time it takes to get an email back from the surgeons office is very quick which is so nice!! I'm back to doing almost all my normal stuff but aren't working out as hard. This has nothing to do with surgery but with adrenal fatigue and newly discovered food sensitivities. (Dairy... And bananas. Not cool but what can you do?!?). So taking good care of myself and considering myself lucky to be a domestic engineer so that when my body says STOP, I can. :).

Overall so happy I had this done and the recovery has been more mental than physical. I did go into this in great shape and healthy but that being said every body is different. I no longer sleep with the binder which is so freeing!! Some days when I am swollen or planning a busy day in the garden I do wear it as a preventative. Still have to get used to the fact that I don't have a hanging belly!

8 weeks PO

8 weeks PO today. Hard to believe it's been that long already!! Still numb under the belly button but feeling is slowly coming back everywhere else. Have been able to get back to running and starting Pilates again but stopping when I feel my body rebelling. It's important to listen to your body and not your brain sometimes ;)

Over I am so happy I had this done. I haven't lost any weight but haven't really expected to with the swelling etc. Seems like the last few days the swelling is crazy so hoping this is the peak and it will slowly start to get better from here on out. Ordered a few binders (or tummy trainers/corsets, whatever the word of the day is!) because the ones from surgery are broken and aren't doing much anymore. I like to have some extra support when working in the yard and exercising and I feel better and "safer" when I am wearing one. I figure it can't hurt anything and if I feel more comfortable then so be it.

I go in next week for my follow up.
Dr. J. Dawes

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Make an update with pics if you can please :)
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you look amazing! i hope my results turn out like yours... im jealous of your scar! i had a tummy tuck with dr dawes july3rd so im 3+2 weeks postop now. the swelling sucks and ive had to be drained once already from fluid buildup. hoping for a super flat result like you =)
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Thanks :). I still get swollen pending on what I've done that day! It's not as bad (often) but it sucks! I HATE sitting still so when I do get swollen in the evening I sleep with my binder on :). It feels better when I turn (I sleep in my bday suit) so the skin on my hips doesn't get pulled. I've got about a 5" spot where there is no feeling yet, so slowly I am getting there! Wearing the silicone strip day and night and there is no raised scar! Yay me!!
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My binder broke too shortly after my 7 weeks f/u. I emailed Vicki and she replaced it at n/c for me. Maybe try giving them a call or bring it in when you go in for your follow up. You're looking good! I have lost 6 lbs since starting on Isagenix and the swelling has gone down now. I'm starting to see my abs :)
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how can i get my hands on some of the isagenix stuff???
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You can only order it online. You can go to kevngo.isagenix.com I ordered the 30 day cleanse and now i just have the shakes for maintenance. In total, since starting in April, i have lost 15 lbs. When i did the 30 day cleanse, i lost 5 lbs, but a total of 14 inches!! I've been very happy with the results!! I never feel like i'm starving myself. Good luck with it. Let me know if you have any questions about it!! :)
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I'm seriously considering because I feel so thick since surgery and bloated all around. Especially my flanks and love handles. Not to mention I've gained 10lbs. Also, how are things coming along with your scar? Are you thinking you will be doing the revision surgery next year?? I'm def going to... I still feel fat on my sides that I can grab and a roll below my bra when sitting.
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You look absolutely AMAZING!!!! I can only hope to look that good after 8 weeks! Did you get any advice re: fitness level? I too have been working super hard at the gym. Scared to lose my current fitness level. Like you, my brain tells me that I can get it all back but my heart is saying "damn, girl you have worked SO hard to get to this place!!"
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Oops. 2 months! Lol
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That's awesome to hear! Can't wait to be at 3 months too :)
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I hate the swelling, but I have to say the binder really helps. I still wear mine sometimes. When I don't have it on, def. lots of swelling going on. If I have it on, I hardly get any swelling and my tummy is flat. I'm glad you're doing good and liking your results. I like your BB!!
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Thanks Cupcake, I am a little sad to hear that you still get swelling, (since you're 4 weeks ahead of me) I am an impatient person and though I KNOW the swelling will go on for a while, another part of me thinks "enough already!"
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I feel exactly the same way "enough already!" lol It's very annoying. You're flat in the morning and then by early aftn you get this bump in your ab area :(
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Pretty awesome results for just over 6 weeks!!!
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Thanks! I have moments where I forget I had this done and then I look at pics and that makers it all better :) Can't wait to see your results!
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Well.. I was going to say looking good gurl. But I said that last time!! Haha!
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Thanks :) I was actually walking around half naked the other day and it was so liberating lol
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Lookin goooooood!
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Your belly button looks like mine at the early stage. It will round out and look cute. You're looking good!!
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Looks sooo good!! 4 more weeks to wait :(
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It'll be there before you know it!!
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Yay. You did it. You look awesome. I had the blues at one point. The recovery process can get discouraging. You look wonderful though. Your nice and flat. Happy healing :-)
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Thanks! I'm feeling better every day :) :)
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Glad your out of the blues part and feeling so good! Very happy for you!! :)
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I'm glad too... I HATE feeling depressed and aside from medication, physical activity is the only other thing that makes it better. So I am very happy to be able to "do something" again and happy the blues didn't last longer! And happy mom/wife makes everyone a lot happier around here :) But I am still taking advantage of the family by making them do the vacuuming etc ;) Before you know it they will catch on to my clever ways haha
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