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I desperately want all of my tattoos removed and...

I desperately want all of my tattoos removed and am searching for help. I was thinking of using the picosure laser on all of my tattoos once I gather up enought money, but im worried about, price, safty, pigmentation, and results. Is it worth it? ecpecially on my biggest tattoo. I am looking for more information on different methods but so far this looks like the most effective one.
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Hey there, just checking in to see if you have started with your removal. Some really promising results with the Picosure:


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I live in Calgary and want one of my tattoos gone also, I don't know how to even start looking for a place to go.
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Skinpossible is in Calgary..... Look them up
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Welcome to the community.  Oh we all have regrets about one thing or another.  Take it slow and plan it out, you will get there.  

When you start the treatments please make sure to take pictures before and after each procedure.  It's helpful to see the transformation taking place.  

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Picosure for the ones with blue and green. The all black rhythm and script should come off fairly easily without it. Your tattoos don't look *that difficult to remove, but it's hard to know before you start. They aren't that complex and you're fair and they're mostly black. The reality is that it will cost a bunch, especially if you opt for the picosure. It's up to you if it's worth it. If you're desperate to get rid of them then it's probably worth it. But it will be like giving yourself three fairly severe and expensive burns every two months for around a year. Just don't stress. If you aren't sure then you should start saving money anyway and plan to start in a few months, and then, when that time rolls around, maybe you'll have some money and you'll be more sure you're ready. Or at least you'll have some money saved and you won't have embarked on a long, arduous process on a whim.
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