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I visited Dr. Perron to discuss revising my nose....

I visited Dr. Perron to discuss revising my nose. I thoroughly explained that I wanted a smaller more defined nose. He agreed and confirmed this is what he was to do. I then had the nose surgery performed. After the bandages were off I immediately noticed the nose was larger and had two bumps, one on the tip and one on the side. Dr Perron explained that it is just swollen from surgery and that I would have to wait a year or two for the full healing to take place. In this time I wanted to change out my existing chin implant as I was told by the first surgeon that my implant was to have a 20 year lifespan. I originally wanted to do this surgery at the same time as my nose but Dr Perron insisted I do it later. So now I explained that I want this done now and to just replace it with a new chin leaving the same shape and possibly one that would extend to each side a bit. Well Dr perron decided to experiment with my chin implant shaping it and cutting it to the way he envisioned again not to what I requested. I stated previously that the first doctor to place the implant did not follow the natural contour of my chin because it was not aesthetically pleasing rather he brought out the space under my lip and between the bottom jaw line. Where as Dr perron placed the new implant along my jaw line now creating an indented look under my lower lip and witch looking jaw chin line. I went back to see him to discuss my displeasure with both results. He then belittled me by stating he could take one mm off one side of my nose and that he felt the chin looked good and would not revise this. I tried to explain again that he is not listening to me, as well to his assistants to no avail.
I have now been seeking consults with other surgeons to fix the damage this doctor has caused. I definitely would not recommend this doctor to anyone. He does not listen to his patients, does what he wants and does not warranty or correct what you need to fix any Post surgery issues or concerns.
Perhaps he has been doing this too long and or has been concentrating on breast implant surgery's that he has lost touch with his patients and reality. His work has now totally changed the shape of my face and aged me. Everyone knows that a small petite nose like that of what you had as a teenager or child makes you look younger. Knowing that when you age your nose enlarges. Now he has enlarged my nose and chin and made me look 20 years older. I requested small, petite and defined nose as that of actors and models as well leave my past chin implant size and shape only to make small shape changes that would improve my profile and appearance. It is a shame what he has done. I no longer care to look into the mirror or talk to strangers as I am disgusted with my appearance.
Dr Perron and his staff pretend to be all nice and friendly and listen to you. To get your money and confidence, then while under surgery disregard everything you discussed prior to surgery of what you exactly want. Then you wake up with a big surprise of which they give you an excuse that it takes years to heal properly. To make you go away. Most surgery's take 3-6months to completely heal, at most under a year. What a shame, stay far away from this doctor.
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Your story is somewhat similar to mine. I was talked into a chin implant I did not want originally. and the chin implant looked terrible. I told the surgeon I wanted it removed after 2 weeks with it in. AS the swelling decreased in the next 2 months, my chin looked absolutely horrific (see my photos). The surgeon though it was nice looking. So I went and had it removed by the same surgeon. He thought it "looked good", again see my photos, I completely disagree. He was supposed to remove it in my last surgery last week. At least as far as I was concerned, it was to totally come out. Now I suspect he trimmed the implant and left a great deal of it in. I have scheduled x-rays for my face tomorrow to find out for sure. Point here is, these plastic surgeons who like their own work over the opinion of the patient really make me mad. I think I will have to have a 3rd surgery for full removal of this ugly implant. I am very, very angry right now so I know how you feel. And I was told the same thing about healing time. I said I hated it after 2 months and was told that I really would need to wait a year to find out what it was like. That was just to make me go away and get used to it. Very angry over this whole affair, and now I recommend that unless the condition is a birth defect that people skip the surgeon completely. Please post updates
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Thank you for your comment. You did not mention who the doctor is so people can stay away from him or her. There are some good surgeons out there that do listen to their patients and warranty their work. It is like anything else, there should be a warranty. If your not satisfied for what you paid for you should receive a full refund or free corrective surgery.
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I will mention the doctor once everything is settled a little more. If I am over-reacting right now, I would not want to hurt the doctor's reputation. I did not like the first result at all, but I ok'd it so I don't consider it all his fault (but some yes). If I still have some of the implant in my jaw then I will name him. But I hope I am just over-reacting right now, but I swear he trimmed the wings off the implant and left the front chin portion.
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The doctor did the same to my implant. I obtained the doctor notes from the surgery and it shows he cut and shaped the implant, the way he desired then implanted it. It was totally not the same implant as we discussed prior to the surgery.
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I have just realized why Dr Perron does not warranty his work. He can't, he doesnt have time to keep up with all the complaints and issues he is causing. Just google dr perron complaints, reviews etc it is full of them. What a shame.
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That is just wrong for someone to do. I hope it works out for you
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Your story is extremely upsetting. So very sorry this happened to you. I hope you can find someone who will listen to your needs and be able to follow through. Sincerely Maggie
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Thank you for your concern. Although I have to endure revision surgery I wanted to at least help others before they make the mistake hiring and trusting this doctor. Especially when you pay good money for something you expect something good in return. Not worse than what you had started with.
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