Costs Much More in Canada - Calgary, AB

Hi Ladies, Thank you all so much for sharing...

Hi Ladies,

Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences. I can relate to many of you. I'm 33 and have breastfed two kids and am ready to fill my deflated boobs back up. I am currently a 34B, 5'10 and 145 pounds. I'm getting 371cc cohesive gel silicone under the muscle, which seems to be the norm here in Alberta, Canada. You girls are lucky with what you pay, mine will cost $9,000, and the other consultation I went to advised me they charged $10,000.

My question is this - I really don't want people at work to know I've done this. I have a professional job and I'm worried it could impact my career. What are some tricks to hide my new boobs? Or maybe I should just own them and not worry about it?

My other question is in regards to the post-op pain - my PS advised that I will be fine in a couple of days and I'll only need Advil. But according to this site that seems a bit optimistic. What can I realistically expect? The incision site is through my aereola.

Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks Ladies.

Omg!! Nooo wayyy I agree with Gregory Sexton, MD... Your story called my attention mainly because we both have the same surgery date April 22 ! Woo hoo !!! But dont feel like everything will come out perfect because u paying that much money firsg of all. Thats too expensive second of all u will need pain madicagion, something to help u spleep, antibiotic just in case and also some surgeons even give u anti nausea pills. Please do ur research with that amount u can fly to the usa get them done and go back home with still some cash in ur pocket! Think about it dear good luck xoxo
You should consider going somewhere that is cheaper. It is way too expensive. I have recently done a girl from Canada, and two from Alaska, because prices in southeastern U.S. are cheaper. You can fly in on WED. and get consultation. Surgery Thursday, and follow-up Friday, and fly home Friday. Total charge here for saline is $4800, and $5000 for silicone. Good luck, Greg Sexton, Columbia, S.C. 803-252-6222
its really not expensive for alberta.. i am kind of turned off by your professionalism, this isnt buying a car and trying to get the best deal. it is the most qualified person not the cost.
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