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Unusual Response to Botox - Cairo, Egypt

I had Botox injection, for the 1st time in my...

I had Botox injection, for the 1st time in my life,for forehead and crow feet and noticed the following:

- total disappearance of wrinkles after 1week, partial ptosis with blurring of vision in right eye (not due to extraoccular muscle weakness, as it persisted when i closed the left eye).

It was never described before that intrinsic eye muscles be affected with botox diffusion as their neurotransmitter is not acetyl choline.

- 2 weeks later the wrinkles recurred the same as before injection, while ptosis and blurring persisted for 6 weeks..Can this be due to applying urbium laser 1 week after injection, may be heat destroyed botox?? of course laser is not applied to levator palpebrae or intrinsic eye muscles so weakness persisted in them for 6 weeks.

- I'm a Neurologist, use botox for spasticity, blepharospams and hemifacial spasm, yet I have no explanation for blurred vision , non of my patients complained of it. also once there is response to botox it persists for nearly 3 months.

thank u Rania for the advice , how much does it cost , and did u try fillers ?
Hi Nevine, I've been injected with Botox in Cairo 3 times over the past 2 years using this technique (Geometric Botox injections), its very effective and I never had a complication with Botox. The doctor takes precise measurements before the injections. The effect lasts about 5 months! You can read the details on their facebook page dermahealth.egypt
Thanks Rania for your kind comment about our technique (Geometric Botox injections). Dr. Hussein Ghanem
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