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Unusual Response to Botox - Cairo, Egypt

I had Botox injection, for the 1st time in my...

I had Botox injection, for the 1st time in my life,for forehead and crow feet and noticed the following:

- total disappearance of wrinkles after 1week, partial ptosis with blurring of vision in right eye (not due to extraoccular muscle weakness, as it persisted when i closed the left eye).

It was never described before that intrinsic eye muscles be affected with botox diffusion as their neurotransmitter is not acetyl choline.

- 2 weeks later the wrinkles recurred the same as before injection, while ptosis and blurring persisted for 6 weeks..Can this be due to applying urbium laser 1 week after injection, may be heat destroyed botox?? of course laser is not applied to levator palpebrae or intrinsic eye muscles so weakness persisted in them for 6 weeks.

- I'm a Neurologist, use botox for spasticity, blepharospams and hemifacial spasm, yet I have no explanation for blurred vision , non of my patients complained of it. also once there is response to botox it persists for nearly 3 months.

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thank u Rania for the advice , how much does it cost , and did u try fillers ?
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Hi Nevine, I've been injected with Botox in Cairo 3 times over the past 2 years using this technique (Geometric Botox injections), its very effective and I never had a complication with Botox. The doctor takes precise measurements before the injections. The effect lasts about 5 months! You can read the details on their facebook page dermahealth.egypt
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HI nevine, 

Yes, unfortunately you are not the first community member to mention eye issues we have a whole forum post about "Droopy eyes after Botox." And while it doesn't sound like you experienced droopy eye per say it does talk about eye issues in general. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. As for wrinkles coming back I wonder if you were injected with a more diluted form of Botox, which based on the community happens sometimes. How are thing feeling now, hopefully better. 

Thank you,


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Hi Britt,
Thanks for your concern. I'm back to normal now, drooping disappeared, so did blurred vision. The wrinkles are the same as before injection. Botox was diluted in 2ml saline, as usual. I plan to reinject within a few weeks.
Best regards,
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