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mini lifts only pull skin and what kind of tissue? but not face muscle? -CA

Hello I'm still in my researching mode of what's...

Hello I'm still in my researching mode of what's better and longer results with a full facelift...still no luck. I went to see two Doctors in Sa n Diego both of them do not believe in a mini lift since it only pulls skin is that true? Doctors? or anyone have face done I'm 52 hardly face and neck loose I just need to look youthful . Is it true bout this please help I'm confused. I want to do mini with fat transferred since my eyes have some hollowness that's all thanks much! all
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The skin is separated from the muscle, the muscle is lifted and tacked, the excess skin is cut away and new line formed and reattached. I had a neck lift done too. I thought the complete face lift was too extreme. I'm three weeks out from my surgery and I feel great!
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Hi Kayan...nice to hear you are doing well! I too just had the mini lift. I felt that I am going to age gracefully, but I don't, or can't look 25 again. How are you now? Any numbness in the ears?
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Not from the mini lift but from the neck lift. My left ear is numb but others who've had it done told me it takes a few months but the feeling will come back. I won't look 25 again but 50 something isn't bad. I've lost about 50lbs and my face showed it with all of the loose skin.
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Thank you Kayann
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf!

If you'd like to address doctors, you should post a question in the Q&A community where they will be sure to see your inquiry.

Here's what some doctors say about mini lifts vs. full facelifts. I hope you find it helpful.

Please use this space to keep us posted on your journey. It will hopefully be a great source of support for you as well as helpful to others going through anti-aging procedures.

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