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Caused Orbital Fat Loss - NOT WORTH IT! - California, CA

I started using the generic version of Latisse on...

I started using the generic version of Latisse on June 15, 2010. Shortly after, I experienced very rapid hollowing of my eyes, both upper and lower. It did make my eyelashes longer, but they were already long to begin with. It was so not worth it, I should never have tried! The problem is, orbital fat loss was not on the list of potential side effects so how would I have known?

I've only just now stopped using it because I just found out that bimatoprost can cause eye hollowing. I have mixed feelings about whether I want the fat loss to be reversible because I had fat grafting for my upper eyelids a year and a half ago. I don't want my upper eyelid fat to return, but I do want my under eyes to go back to normal. I look really tired no matter how much sleep I get all the time and I hate it. The lower eyelids seem to be a very tricky area to fix too. I really think these drug companies should be held responsible. There is a study from 2008 that suggests bimatoprost can cause orbital fat loss. There's no excuse why they shouldn't put it on the list of potential side effects!

I believe the product also caused blurry vision...

I believe the product also caused blurry vision for me. My eyesight was stable for 10 years, but after using Careprost my eyesight has been going downhill! Blurry vision is an effect of lowered pressure in the eye. I only used the product once a week and had these horrible side effects. Doesn't seem like only one drop per eye per week would be able to do so much damage. :( I really hope my conditions start to improve soon.


I am so depressed. It has been six weeks since I stopped using Careprost and there are no signs of improvement. When will it start getting better? Also, lawyers don't seem to think anything can be done about this. :(
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Can you tell us if the fat loss has reversed? I think I'm noticing it happen to me & I'm getting a bit freaked out!
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It has been almost a year since I used careprost and I haven't seen the fat grow back. I heard it can take 15 months so I guess there's still a chance it can grow back but I have a feeling it probably won't. I'm sorry that it happened to you too but hopefully you'll have better luck!
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Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! That's not the answer I was hoping for. Did you compare with past photos? Maybe there's been some partial improvement? Do you mind if I ask how long did you apply it daily? How many times a week did you apply it in the maintenance stage, and how long were you on it total? Sorry for so many questions. I'm really sorry you had this happen. Maybe there is some procedure or cream to plump the eyelids back up? My friends say my eyes look the same but I'm pretty sure they're changing...
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I do look pretty much the same as in old photos. I applied it everyday for however long the instructions say...I think it was 3 months. Then I applied it once a week but every once in a while, if my eyelashes were longer on one side, I would apply it everyday to that side until they evened out. I used it for about 3 years total. I feel dumb for using it for so long but I attributed the fat loss to other things that I started using at the same time. How long did you use it for? It seems that everyone else said that fat loss reversed for them. I think I used it way too long and that's why it hasn't reversed for me. :( I don't think there is any way to plump the eyes back up. I did find one product meant for hollow eyes. It's made by Isomers but it didn't work for me. I think the only way to fix it is fat grafting or fillers. I don't think people really notice my fat loss either but it looks bad to me! I think it's one of those things where you don't look as good but people don't understand why. It makes me feel a little better that other people don't notice though. Did you have fat loss only in your upper eyelids or in your lower eyelids too? Another thing is the brush I used was way too big and I really saturated it. I didn't know the stuff was so strong. I probably used way more than most people do so maybe that's another reason my fat loss hasn't reversed.
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I'm sorry you had to deal with that! Hopefully it's one of those things that other people don't notice. I used it for 6 weeks. I've stopped for 2 nights & I already see my eyelids going back to normal. I MAY try applying it again in a few days & only using a tiny amount right on the lashline. Before I was loading the brush up with it & dabbing it on my eyebrows too! The left eye is the one that seemed to have fat loss & that's where I'd dab it on my eyebrow. Either way I'm gonna update my review so other girls are aware of this side effect!
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That's not long at all, it's good that you caught it early. I'm glad your eyes are going back to normal already! Yea, you don't even need to see the product on the brush. I thought I needed to feel it on my lashline or it wasn't enough but that was a mistake. Thank you for reviewing your experience. I think more people need to be aware of this effect so they know to stop using it right away before there is permanent damage.
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Thank you for sharing this experience. I hope you find support from our community.

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