Burns from IPL

I had an ipl done because i want to get rid of my...

i had an ipl done because i want to get rid of my freckles and brown spots i have on my face. i previously used obagi but it did not completely remove it, it only lighten it up.

on the second ipl done she burned my left and right cheek,she told me to apply some steroid cream.after 2 weeks part of my cheek became brown looks like a birth mark.showed her this and she did a slight peel to lighten it up.is this the proper way of treating this?is this something that can be reverse?

I'm currently going to Dr. Grimes in Los Angeles. She's dealt with every burn case known and has taught many dr.s about ipl burns. I'm currently going to her because I too have had ipl burns about a year ago and recently started to go to her and she's been doing treatments on me that his healed my skin as well as made the pigmentation normal again. She truely is amazing and her office is called vitiligo and pigmentation institute. She can tackle any burned case there is. if you need any further info or want to talk to someone who's gone through the same you have email me: christinastrawberry6@yahoo.com trust me, i've been there!
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they burned my skin, have big brown pigmentation.cannot recommend them until this is resolved

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