Laser Hair Removal (I Will Update As Time Moves On) - Burbank, CA

I got a groupon for a place in southern california...

I got a groupon for a place in southern california to get the following done (there were many options but I only grow dark hair in these places)"

Lower Leg

I just had the first treatment last Sunday (1/23/10) so now I am waiting for the hair to hopefully fall out. I am starting this post so that I can update.

The pain during the procedure was not bad at all. I was so afraid it would hurt and it didnt hurt anywhere near waxing. She said she used a higher setting for my underarms and bikini area because my legs were a little tan.

It went really fast, like maybe 30min.

The groupon cost was $198, but the nurse got me to buy another from them in case I needed any touch ups for $99.

I figured for the amount of areas that it was worth the gamble to try this place out.

So, right now im unsure. I was told not to shave for like a week and that the hair would fall out. I was also told to stay out of the sun. I have noticed that my hair is a bit slow growing but I am excited to see if there is any noticeable chance.

I am nervous that they are having me come back like 10 wks later. That doesn't seem right. I will call them tomorrow and try to change my appt to an earlier time.

After the treatment I was a little red but it went away the next day. My underarms were also a little itchy but that to went away the next day.

I will update once the hair falls out and as things progress.

Also because this is the internet I am not really comfortable posting my body pics. maybe if I can get my leg hairy enough for the pic to show up I will post it!

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Welcome to the community. This is a great review, very informative and updating the community as you go will be really useful. Please keep us updated and at the end if you have pictures to share the community would love to see them.

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