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I had lipaugmentation, which did not budge the...

I had lipaugmentation, which did not budge the size of my lips. I got little lumps all underneath my lip, when asked the dermotoligist she said sometimes it does not work, she said the body can eat it up so to speak. i fin that hard to beleave and lumps are still there. Is that true, and also it was so painful it felt as though it was up my nose.


the bumps do go away, but the dr. needs to do his job. go back and have it massaged and manipulated. also, if you do not see any improvement, he did it wrong or did not use enough. go to a skilled person who knows what he is doing and does alot of these procedures. it can work wonders if done right.
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I thought it is a no brainer but really do your home work, forget that pain no gain

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