Bumps Inside of my Lips from Restylane

I had my nasal lines on my cheeks and lips...

I had my nasal lines on my cheeks and lips restylane filled because I suffered severe weight loss and all though weight has gone back on I was very conscious of the lines on my face.

I had fillers in before and not sure if we are talking about the same thing but they were really bumpy. The problem was that my doc injected the filler right inmy lips and not near my lip line on top, the only thing that worked was to get your lips redone and the filler injected near your lips line

I have many lumps and bumps on the inside of my...

I have many lumps and bumps on the inside of my lips after having restylane injections 3 months ago why is this? -- Updated on Oct 15, 2009: I am left with bumps on the inside of my lips why is this?
Yes, I've had 'the bumps'before. as long as they were on the inside of my lip-not noticeable- and I had no pain, I was fine. Actually, I think this is more common thn uncommon. However, I began treatments at another center and never experienced bumps. Med Spas are less expensive than seeing a plastic surgeon. There are a lot of RNs that are transitioning into cosmetic procedures with little experience. My girl here in Pasadena is one of those transitioning RNs but she's brilliant and the results are fantastic without paying $$$$ for an MD. Hit and miss.
Thanks for that they are really bumpy and get worse when after food, i have a return visit for next week as I see no difference apart from gaining bumps on the inside. Thanks again for your response.

I did a return visit to the plastic surgeon and...

I did a return visit to the plastic surgeon and she could give me no answers for the bumps on my lips. I was given a repeat procedure as the first only had impact for approximately a month and left as previously stated the bumps.
Restylane for the cost I feel was not worth it as the second procedure lasted about the same 4 weeks. I have since written to the surgeon and not received a reply. It is not something I would do again and felt really let down after reading so many good things.
I had restalyne under my eyes; the hollows were horrible! Immediately after and for the next 24 hours I believe - I was told the restalyne is still malleable. So I did have slight bumps at first but was told to press down slightly firmly, though gently to smooth out these bumps. Doing this I could see the bumps smoothed out and the end result was fantastic.

The second time around, I saw the same surgeon for a small top up and he advised me they use a newer thicker restalyne gel formula and I did notice I didn't need to smooth out any bumps. Very happy.
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I have a return appointment next week for the touch ups, the corner of my lips have not worked, and want an explanation why the bumps?

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