32 Year-old Lady from Bulgaria

Hello, I am Elena from Bulgaria. I am writing you...

Hello, I am Elena from Bulgaria. I am writing you to ask for advice. I had FX Laser treatment three weeks ago here in my country. Now I have pigmentation on my whole face. My dermatologist prescribed a hydroquinine cream and wants to apply IPL in one week time. I really fear it to put this cream on my brand new skin after the FX. I am more likely to accept the IPL. I really need advice from a good dermatologist and I am ready to pay for it no matter how much it costs. I am really confused and doctors here are not sure in what they do, they just test. I know that in dermatology nobody can give any guarantee but at least I need to know how to proceed. I hope you are able to give online consultations which I will pay for, of course. I can also send you pictures to see exactly how I look like right now. I am a 32 years old lady who is really desperate about the condition of her face. I need tons of make-up so as to be able to go out. Please help me....

Here, I add a photo which was taken 3 days ago

What is the name of your dermatologist, Elena? I have done resurfacing 3 years ago and I did not have such problems. I am from Varna.... :)
Thanks for taking the time to share your story, I found a forum you may find helpful, feel free to join in the conversation: 


What are you using for aftercare?
Well, my doctor prescribed me hydroquinone to put on every evening. I also have Genesis Laser precedures done every 10 days. I started with this treatment one week ago but I hardly see any improvement. I will appreciate any advice on what to do. I reached the conclusion that the dark spots appeared because the Fraxel Laser burned me there. Is that possible? This was my third procedure and I see enormous improvement in my skin - it is smooth and the scars are gone. If only that pigmentation hadn't appeared I would look extremely well now....
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