32 Year-old Lady from Bulgaria

Hello, I am Elena from Bulgaria. I am writing you...

Hello, I am Elena from Bulgaria. I am writing you to ask for advice. I had FX Laser treatment three weeks ago here in my country. Now I have pigmentation on my whole face. My dermatologist prescribed a hydroquinine cream and wants to apply IPL in one week time. I really fear it to put this cream on my brand new skin after the FX. I am more likely to accept the IPL. I really need advice from a good dermatologist and I am ready to pay for it no matter how much it costs. I am really confused and doctors here are not sure in what they do, they just test. I know that in dermatology nobody can give any guarantee but at least I need to know how to proceed. I hope you are able to give online consultations which I will pay for, of course. I can also send you pictures to see exactly how I look like right now. I am a 32 years old lady who is really desperate about the condition of her face. I need tons of make-up so as to be able to go out. Please help me....

Here, I add a photo which was taken 3 days ago

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What is the name of your dermatologist, Elena? I have done resurfacing 3 years ago and I did not have such problems. I am from Varna.... :)
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Thanks for taking the time to share your story, I found a forum you may find helpful, feel free to join in the conversation: 


What are you using for aftercare?
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Well, my doctor prescribed me hydroquinone to put on every evening. I also have Genesis Laser precedures done every 10 days. I started with this treatment one week ago but I hardly see any improvement. I will appreciate any advice on what to do. I reached the conclusion that the dark spots appeared because the Fraxel Laser burned me there. Is that possible? This was my third procedure and I see enormous improvement in my skin - it is smooth and the scars are gone. If only that pigmentation hadn't appeared I would look extremely well now....
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Hi :) I wasn't sure if you tried the Hydroquinone as you sounded hesitant, did you see any improvement from it? I love natural products and I always lean towards them...This is my opinion only, I am not an expert but maybe you could try making your own mask, here is 2 good recipes:

Most simple - Raw unpasteurized Organic Honey - place on face for 5-10  min and rinse off. 

2nd - Honey Lemon Orange Peel Mask:

Make a powder of the dried Orange peel, add a 1 tsp each of lemon juice and milk> add some raw honey to make consistency of a mask.  Leave on 15 min and rinse.

The citric acid found in lemon and orange can help lighten skin. 

You can follow up with raw cucumber slices on the face and eyes - wonderful for the pores. 

On a side note, as the community manager it's important for me to keep encouraging people to share their experiences with any procedures they try, would you mind writing a review on the Genesis and tell us if you thought it was worth it or not? Please accept
this as a well-intentioned request from thousands. 

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