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Hi. Im 23 years old and am 5'5" amd 115lbs. I have...

Hi. Im 23 years old and am 5'5" amd 115lbs. I have the smallest body frame but unfortunately Im a 32DD if not bigger, Im really scared to find out if they are. To make matters worse, it looks really awkward because I have such a short torso. Basically I look like all boobs and legs now. Formerly a ballet dancer I've put on a bit of weight since I have chosen a new career, but even when I was thinner my boobs kept getting larger! I used to love how I looked, but going from a B to a DD or maybe bigger in the past 5 years has been awful! It was painful to dance, made me super self conscious and I often times found myself laying on a heating pad for my back after long days of rehearsal. I wish there was something I could do, theres nothing wrong with how they look, but they are just wayy too big! I also cant afford to pay for a surgery. I just dont know what to do :(

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Start saving your money and go and have at least three consults to get this ball rolling.  Take your time, do the research and keep moving forward if this is something you really want.  You are a tiny person and carrying large breasts is hard on the body.


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