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I had 350cc implants done about 3 years ago. I...

I had 350cc implants done about 3 years ago. I feel that I am way to big for my body. I am 5'6" and 119lbs.

I would like to have them reduced. The doctor is telling me that he would not recommend less then 250 cc's with a mini lift. I am terrified to go through this again. I am also afraid that 250 cc's will still be too big.

Can anyone tell me if they have gotten there implants exchanged and reduced? Are you happy with the result? How was the pain? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


All I Know is for myself, it has been a total crusade to get the size I ask for.I have been through this situation way too many costly times.I feel if its not going to compromise health and safety,then a patient should be given what they ask for.It should be a matter of choice.Everyone doesn't want a NATURAL look and and then again some want the fake look. Yes I have been through this.When you go bigger it hurts more because the muscle is stretched, but If I did want to reduce size, I personally would want a fresh new clean implant placed.Its seems creepy and infection prone to have an existing implant retouched and adjusted.Trust me from experience, a staph infection is a horrible thing to go through.Just be careful and research all of your options.Things will go well. take care and be safe and aware!!!
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Hi and thank your so much for your comment. I am very affraid of infection and future problems. Can you tell me a little more about your experience. Do you still have your implants? I had thought about taking my implants out all together but, the new ps is strongly advicing against it. He is saying that I will look like a flat tire. That is why he is recommending a 250 cc implant. Again, I am afraid this will still feel too big. I am 5'6 and 119 lbs and small boned. I want to have clothes fit me right again. If I buy a shirt and it fits in the breast then it is always too big at the waist area. Thanks again for your comment and will anxiously await your reply.
I developed a hemotoma and had to have drains placed in my breast.I think thats how the infection came.From the drains.Infection is rare so don't worry too much about that.I recovered from the infection and currently still have implants.My problem is just getting what I ask for.I like large implants.Yes I do think my past surgeon was drain happy and I shouldn't have had them in that long.Ok you know I'm going to say that a 250 cc is not too big.(smiles). But then again you want a natural look and you weigh 15 pounds less than me, and you want proportion.All I know is these procedures are expensive and have a mental impact as well on you and your family, so you want to get what you want and move on. My family went through all this with me.Trust me I know.Please do not get frustrated and have your implants removed.You have come this far.If you have to spend more money to fix this, then give it your best shot,which means you (HAVE) to find a good surgeon that will get you where you want to be.Make calls,go on line.Whatever you have to do to get the answers you want.Not saying your surgeon is bad, but there are good ones out there.I am just speaking on the things I went through.I have a consult coming up soon and I hope I get the answers I want as well.Remember it your body and you should get what you are happy with.Please let me know how you are doing.
Dr. Robert Skalicky

When I had got my implants the doctor told me that I was getting implants that I could go up or down at anytime with a minor incision. Well, when I went to have them reduced I was told that they were filled to the maximum capacity and therefore, I would have to get new implants and he could not reduce the existing implants. He had totally misinformed me from the beginning. Once the surgery was done, he had no interest in whether I was happy or not.

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