Active FX for Melasma

Had Active FX yesterday for melasma...

Had Active FX yesterday for melasma (hyperpigmentation in my face).

Relatively pain free, just a little uncomfortable, the smell and air in my face were most bothersome part. My eyes are very swollen, and any discomfort I have is confined to my eyes. Controlled with a couple ibuprofen. Cold packs feel great. I read that some doctors recommend 1000mg vitamin C during recovery, so I am doing that as well.

Doctor recommended that I take acyclovir to prevent a herpes lesion from breaking out? Did anyone have an outbreak if they did not use the medication? Is this routinely prescribed? I prefer not to take if I really don't need it.

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Still waiting to see results, but given the degree of hyperpigmentation on my face, I think I will be happy.

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Yankeeat heart, I am having this done tomorrow for melasma. How did you results wind up??
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Herpes lesions are ugly and take awhile to heal. It's easier to prevent them than deal with them if you do get an outbreak. Besides, the medication is a short course of treatment, 3-5 days?
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Started to have an outbreak and took the medication. It works really well. Treatment lasts for a week, but you start on 5 pills a day for first 3 days then wean down.
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Would love to hear how your melasma responds to the treatment. I think it's too much heat and will stimulate your melanocytes. Did they have you pretreat with hydroquinone? I would get on hydroquinone as soon as your skins heals to prevent any hyperpigmentation.
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Overall the treatment greatly reduced the melasma. I have to say I am happy with the results. I did not pre-treat with hydoquinone. I have used that in the past with very limited success. The recovery was really pretty easy, the worst part was the swelling of my eyes. The improvement is pretty dramatic when you look at before and after pictures.
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