Pixel Perfect 6 Days Ago for 40-yr-old Aging Skin - Love It - Bryn Mawr, PA

Had Pixel Perfect laser done Monday, Dec. 27 at...

Had Pixel Perfect laser done Monday, Dec. 27 at 4:00 pm. Had numbing cream - pain was tolerable. It felt like rubber bands snapping on my face, but I felt able to handle it. Had a burning sensation comparable to a bad sunburn for an hour or so afterward. My dr. prescribed a balm and steroid cream and told me to mix them together and apply twice a day for 4-5 days. Also to apply sunscreen every 2 hours if in the car or outside. By that evening the burning sensation had dissipated and I had noticeable grid markings on my face (the screen door look).

When I woke up the next day, the marks were much darker. My son told me I looked like I had a lot of bronzer on and was attacked by a fly swatter! Not really pain on Day 2, but my skin was sensitive and a bit puffy, and I definitely did not want to go out in public. Day 3 was much the same, maybe even a little darker bronze in color. I tried to put on makeup, which did cover the marks, but I really felt like I didn't want anything on my face except the balm because the skin was sensitive and very tight. Day 4 is when I began to peel. I used a wet facecloth per my Dr.'s instructions and a lot of the darker skin peeled off. The skin underneath looked great! My pores were much smaller and it just overall looked glowy and even.

By Day 5 all the brown marks peeled off. Skin still a bit red in spots but looked great overall. Was able to go out for New Year's Eve without anyone noticing anything. Today is Day 6, and I have a few dry, red spots, but overall I think my skin looks pretty fantastic. It's so even and my pores on my nose are much smaller! Dr. said skin will continue to improve up to 5 months. She said I only need to do this once a year. So far I think it was well worth it.

I had mine done on past Thursday Jan 24. It hurt really badly. I felt like I am on fire cuz the nurse either didn't care or forgot to give me the cooler to blast the cool air on my face. This is the worst pain I ever got. I had a peel in 1999 for $300. They never told me what kind of peel it is. It was done by a dermatogist in Wasington State. I called her office several years ago,and was told she is dead and her practice sold to another doctor. Okay let's get back to Pixel. It is very painful, so if you don't like the feeling of touching a red hot range, then you will not want to do pixel. I was talk into it without realizing it hurts really badly. They told me it is mild form of laser, so I thought since it is the most mild form and it is pixel, then the pain should be all that bad. Was I wrong . This is my 3rd day and my face looks like someone burnt it. I haven't look any better and my husband told me it look like someone used a torche on my face. Tomorrow around noon I can wash my face. I don't know why my face smell terrible. Anyone of you out there did pixel laser can shed any clues to why I have a smell to my face. I don't like the smell. It smell like when someone had a bandage for a long time over a wound. It is horrible smell.

I have the same thing going on with smell. I'm guessing it's from the dead skin that is getting ready to peel off. Either way it's disgusting and makes me think of funky smelling raw chicken.

Hi Asia, was it worth it? I want to do but so scared! Did they put numbing cream before treatment?
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