Swollen a Year After a Tummy Tuck

It was with no complications but the feeling of...

It was with no complications but the feeling of numbmess has never gone away from my stomach area. I had my surgery because I had alot of excess skin from having 5 children.

I had a tummy tuck a year ago and my abdominal muscles seem to bulge out. I wanted to have a flat stomach but I got the reverse effect. If I am without a girdle for more than 2 hour my abdominal wall swells and bulges out. It is very uncomfortable. What can I do to help my situation?
do you have the address to the place in brownsville you had your surgery? id like to ask them a few questions... thank you,...and i hope you get better soon...:)
Have you gone and talked with another doctor? It sounds like the skin was removed but without ab tightening? When I had mine done more than 5 years ago he also tightend my abs-hard to stand staight for a very long time but totally worth it and my tummy is very tight flat and firm at 45-yes I do workout also though. Oh by the way-all this time later I am still numb in many areas-no big deal.
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Once he got paid he didn't seem to care how the end result was.

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