Brown Spots After Medium Chemical Peel

I have uneven skin tone and fine wrinkles. I got...

I have uneven skin tone and fine wrinkles. I got a medium chemical peel hoping if would even it out. So far, it has only my it worse.

After 4 weeks from a medium chemical peel I'm starting to get large brownish, grayish spots all over my face. I've done everything including using sunscreen that my doctor has recommended. Is this common? What can be done? I feel like I've defeated my purpose.

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I feel like my doctor did his job. It maybe my type of skin but I wish I was told this could possible happen.

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Hi Lanette H, may i know how is ur skin condition now? i am suffering the same case as you now- Post Peel Hyperpigmentation =( I feel so regret of doing chemical peel and i really want to know did your skin recover to normal color? If yes, how did you do that? hope to hear from you soon.
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I had a heavy glocolic acid peel a year ago. Had hyperpigmentaion as was awful..used heavy make up to cover the spots for about 4 months...However, they did fade, and now my skin is absolutely gorgeous. Was it worth it? Now I say yes, but it is only for those who are very patient.
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Ask your doctor about medicines that can help lighten those patches. Like you, I also have the same problem. I have medium skin tone therefore is prone to have hyperpigmentation afterwards. I wish our doctors would forwarned us about the after-affects - I have a pre-planned vacation in less than four weeks!
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