Radiesse Drift from Temples/cheeks to Jawline

Doctor had messaged the injection at the left...

Doctor had messaged the injection at the left temple to make it flatter, before I left the office. He said I should massage the areas firmly three times a day for three days. When I got home the injections in my cheek had swelled to my lower jaw line. The left side of my face is completely imbalanced with the right. I tried to massage it up into my cheek, but after several tries, several hours apart, it seems to be worse. I can't live with a puffed up jaw.

Today I had injections of Radiesse in my cheeks and at my temples. On my left side the Radiesse material has shifted down to my jawline. Can it be massaged back to the cheek area?


I feel for you! When things go wrong it can be really distressing. Are you sure it is not swelling? Do you have an 'after' photo? Is a bit hard to tell what you mean by the description. Wishing you all the best. K
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Puffed up jaw is unsightly. There must be something that can be done to fix it.

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