USA Vein Clinic Laser Procedure - Brooklyn, NY

My varicose veins are now gone thanks to the...

My varicose veins are now gone thanks to the doctors and staff at the usa vein clinic. I no longer experience pain from my varicose veins and don't have to worry about covering up my legs in the summer. The procedure was fast and painless. My insurance even paid for the whole procedure. I also did not have to have any down time which was great. I could go straight back to work. The usa vein clinics have multiple locations across the u.s so if you are interested in learning more I suggest checking out their website you won't be disappointed!

I too had the procedure done at the USA Vein Clinic in Manhattan. I just had my second treatment 9/16 and went for a follow-up on 9/20. So far I have not seen any improvements. My leg remains the same. I am experiencing constant burning and pain that never seems to go away.Hopefully, that would change over the course of treatments. My insurance paid for the procedure for both legs. I'm treating the right leg at this time. Please be reminded that everyone's body respond differently, and EVLT procedure is for venous insufficiency of the legs. Thanks for the gentle people on real self, I found out that after my EVLT treatments, I will have to follow-up with Sclerotherapy. It was noted that it is usually best treated for spider veins. Once Sclerotherapy is used, the veins are gone for good. That is what I would like to see for my legs. Veins begone! :)

So glad it went well for you! What treatment did you have performed?

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