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I have wanted to fix my teeth for very long it's...

I have wanted to fix my teeth for very long it's always been crooked and I feel my smile is more for a little girl then for a 24 year old women 5 of my friends have already went through with veneers and they all look pretty great and perfect it has changed their faces and has given them a great pint of confidence so I took the leap and scheduled an appointment with her dr, dr Deutsch he was very kind and I was glad I was able to ask him all the questions I had and he was able to answer each one honestly. He took an impressions of my teeth and I went to see him a week later and the smile looked great next part was making sure my teeth were healthy enough so I had to make sure all my cavities were taken care of next part is getting the veneers and making the appointment, I'm really nervous and I'm scared it will be painful
Dr. Ron Deutsch

Very considerate, caring , good reviews from friends and two other who have done procedure with him and had amazing results

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If I were you, I would go for a non-invasive procedure. Veneers are NOT worth it. I'm on my second set of veneers. Although they look good, I'd give anything to have my natural teeth back. I originally got veneers at age 17 cause my teeth were small and kept spacing out. I realize in hindsight, I should've gotten braces one more time. I'd much rather wear metal braces my entire life than to have gotten veneers. Go the route of braces, and don't destroy your teeth with veneers. There is nothing prettier and healthier than a natural smile.
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How's everything??
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Hi and welcome!  Is the picture of your teeth with veneers?  I mean, in the picture, it looks like your top teeth are perfect--are those the projected veneers?  Or are those your current teeth and you're going to cover your bottom teeth or something?  Is there any way you can show your teeth pre-veneers, so that we can know what kind of case they are fixing?

You said that you have crooked teeth--have you ever had braces before, and if not, could you tell us why you chose to go with veneers instead of braces?

Thank you!  I look forward to seeing your results and hearing how the actual fitting and installation went!
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My teeth are pretty crooked, I never got braces before that's why I'm nervous about veneers I feel I am too old to get braces at 24 and to be honest I don't really want to walk around with a mouth full of metal so I opted for veneers I was also considering getting Invisalign but it's very time consuming must be worn 22 hours a day to have effective results and must go in to have them readjusted very often so because so many friends of mine got veneers and we're happy with the results this is why I chose to go with veneers. This is the finished result what the veneers look like my bottoms are fairly straight
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I have so much trouble visualizing how it works to use veneers to straighten teeth.  Theoretically it makes perfect sense--just prep the teeth, then add the veneer to the front so they line up straight and you're done.  But it seems like the backs of the teeth would be crooked still, and you could end up with teeth getting crooked again as you get older.  My teeth were pretty straight (without braces) when I was your age, but they started getting progressively worse, so I ended up going with Invisalign when I was 36 or so.  And I wear my retainers religiously, to make sure my teeth don't shift anymore.  I wonder whether some people who get veneers also get a retainer to make sure the teeth don't shift.  I never thought of that before.

Thank you for answering my questions! :D
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So I was nervous also and wasn't sure if veneers would work for me I'm actually getting three porcelain crowns and 3 porcelain veneers I'm getting my teeth shaved down which are very crooked I didn't want to need to wear a retainer for the rest of my life with the chances of my teeth moving again I also don't like the coloring of my teeth which veneers also takes care of, my husband had braces and his teeth have shifted because he did not wear his retainer I wanted my results to be more permanent although my bite will not be altered with the veneers as Invisalign and braces might have helped with but my bite doesn't bother me I really just want straight teeth
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Well good luck, and I hope you get the result you're hoping for.  Please give us a picture when you get them in and let us know how it went! :D
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