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I have wanted to fix my teeth for very long it's...

I have wanted to fix my teeth for very long it's always been crooked and I feel my smile is more for a little girl then for a 24 year old women 5 of my friends have already went through with veneers and they all look pretty great and perfect it has changed their faces and has given them a great pint of confidence so I took the leap and scheduled an appointment with her dr, dr Deutsch he was very kind and I was glad I was able to ask him all the questions I had and he was able to answer each one honestly. He took an impressions of my teeth and I went to see him a week later and the smile looked great next part was making sure my teeth were healthy enough so I had to make sure all my cavities were taken care of next part is getting the veneers and making the appointment, I'm really nervous and I'm scared it will be painful
If I were you, I would go for a non-invasive procedure. Veneers are NOT worth it. I'm on my second set of veneers. Although they look good, I'd give anything to have my natural teeth back. I originally got veneers at age 17 cause my teeth were small and kept spacing out. I realize in hindsight, I should've gotten braces one more time. I'd much rather wear metal braces my entire life than to have gotten veneers. Go the route of braces, and don't destroy your teeth with veneers. There is nothing prettier and healthier than a natural smile.
You are so right!! I didn't end up doing the procedure the appointment before I was supposed to get the temps put on, I went to get some cavities filled and the doctor that was supposed to do my veneers actually cracked one of the teeth that had a cavity in half I had so many problems with that tooth including having a crown now on it I second guessed him because I was in so much pain and I did not understand how he could make such a mistake and I did not want such a mistake on my front teeth that do not hurt, I opted to look into Invisalign and lingual braces I might have to suffer with them for up to 18 months but at least they are my natural teeth
How's everything??
Dr. Ron Deutsch

Very considerate, caring , good reviews from friends and two other who have done procedure with him and had amazing results

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