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Hi,everyone thanks for posting your experience it...

Hi,everyone thanks for posting your experience it has really helped me make my choice on a doctor which is Duran I'm up for surgery in 4 months for BBL I'm super excited n nervous at the same time the only problem is not sure what recovery house to stay in I wanna be in a quite n pieceful environment so if anyone can post where it wud be best please leave your suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!
Best office to u fellow bklynite :) I'm staying at silhouette recovery house for my stay . Very excited for you! I see Duran in 27 days for bbl and breast lift and ba :)
Hi,bklynbeauty thx for your suggestion I will definitely be looking it up can I have my own room with my aunt if I wanted do u know? Awww thank u I'm even more excited for you it's almost time for that make over! hope all goes well n you get the exciting new body you want please post pics when u can!

Booked flight and recovery house

Hi,everyone just thought to update I have booked my flight n recovery house with Angela's I speak Spanish n she made me feel very comfortable n Secure that I would be getting care for the right way with an addition that someone will be picking me up at the airport to her recovery house which I was so concerned if I stood in a hotel etc! I'm also in the process of buying all of the things I would need after surgery I gotta be honest I'm getting nervous of the thought of doing this alone but you do things you'd never knew you could for a dream body so if anyone has any other suggests plz feel free to comment cuz I love the support and kindness on this site! #2014 Duran Doll coming soon
good luck, my sx is on the 19th as well
Same to you hun hope to see you there on that date i'll be there alone!
yeaaaaa that would be so cool to run into you that way we'd have each other :-)
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