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Butt Augmentation Method - Brooklyn, NY

I am overweight, but I have a more solid figure...

I am overweight, but I have a more solid figure than fatty. I would like to have 950 cc in each cheek with 300cc in each hip. I have more than enough body fat to do so. If they are any left overs I would like to place in my thighs. Any doctors In NYC that starts BBL at $5500 and up. I need a lot of work done. My budget I'm 9,000.

Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran

I finally made up my mind to go with Dra. Duran. I emailed her and has yet to get a response. I'm patiently waiting. I am getting a tummy tuck and liposculture with fat transfer to buttocks, hips, and upper thighs!

Change of Plans.

Hello Dolls, I will not be using Dr.Duran. The reason for this being is due to her not responding to emails. This is very frustrating and I'm just not going to stress about it anymore. I will be going with Dr, Contreras. If you want to get in contact with him please email him at plasticacontreras@yahoo.com. He has very good prices and positive attitude. He told me that i am not pressured into having a tummy tuck and if I want he would do a mini tummy tuck depending on how much excess skin I would have. He told me do not worry abut anything, when I get there he will figure out what is best for me.
Dr. Contreras

He is very well mannered. He answer's your questions right away. He is sweet and charming.

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Question? so the bigger u want your butt the more $$$
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Srry was tlkn in passed tinse I want fat into my thighs but no doc wld do it havent gotten the procedure done yet lol
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I'm going with doctor Duran, it is possible but the skin may get thinner when fat gets into the thighs. You have to make sure you have enough fat to do both the bbl and fat transfer to hips and thighs
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Oh ok I hve more than enough fat lol but I wld love to see ur results ecspecially the thighs im gonna hve to live wit my lil legs lol
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Good luck. Ill be following you and I also wanted fat into my thighs but no doc in the us would do it. I guess its different out there.
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Welcome to RS :)) if you aren't already, follow bklynbeauty--you will find her blog very helpful on your journey
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hi there is a doctor named Taranow in manhattan. I was going to see him. He charges about $6500. He responds to emails right away as well. He does not have many bbl pics on his site however but i did research him but i decided to wait a few more years before i took the plunge then i seen Dr. Jimerson work so i was sold and i am booked for Aug 30.. I have the same frame as you . I have weight but i have larger bones and carry weight very well. Good luck
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Thank you so much, wish you well on your surgery
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Mrose, how did you get booked so fast?? Is that for consultation or procedure??
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