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Hello I'm having a breast reduction next week I...

Hello I'm having a breast reduction next week I just went see my doctor to ask her what size they will be she says that she couldn't tell me the size but she was removing 600cc or grams from each breast I'm thinking about not getting the reduction if is going to be less that c cup im really hoping for 36c!! oh by the way I'm size 36dd so I would like to know how big the will be after having 600cc removed from 36dd can some one help please!! Thank you
hello im finally got the drains remove ufff what a refief anyway they still swollen I think a lot but again is only been a week!!!im feeling good not too much pain! but I would like to know like how long is take for the swollen to go away not complete but most of it! so please lady hel me thank u!!
HI: Glad you are feeling better....this is my story and only my story, most have great results. I had my BR 6 months ago. My PS told me it would take upwards of 6 months for swelling to go down and right out of the gate I was worried that my breasts were still too big. He kept reassuring me they would get smaller but it would take time. Well, 6 months later, they are a little smaller and looks more like a breast lift than reduction. I am still not the size I asked for, far from it and I do not think the Dr took enough Breast Tissue. 270 cc from one side and 320cc from the other. How much did your Dr take? I was a very large DD when I went into surgery, I am now still wearing same old underwire bra's only difference is I don't fall out of them. I am now a mid to small DD when I asked to be a mid C or smaller. I am sure you will be fine, most are, I am just one of the unforunate ones. Keep me posted, but do give it some time for the swelling to go down.
Hello thank for replying anyway my Dr told me she was taking 600 cc between both mind u I had one breast bigger that the other one!! I'm ok with size right now I'm know is goin to get a lil small because is still swollen any I will post a new picture soon and I'm sorry about ur result!!!
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