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I'm I a Good Candidate for a Bbl and Tummy Tuck? - Bronx, NY

I'm 5'6 and 208 pounds. I had vertical sleeve in...

I'm 5'6 and 208 pounds. I had vertical sleeve in 2011 and lost 120 pounds . Now everything sags and I hate my body. I curently smoke like 6 to 10 cigarettes but I do plan on quitting . I saved the money for surgery and I'm very eager to find a good doctor to get bbl and tummy tuck . Ive looking into doctors but do confused because their so many doctors to choose from. I'm I a good candidate ?
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I agree with Oregon, you do seem like a good candidate, and you don't look like you weigh 208....but I'm not a doctor either. I'm looking at Yily and Duran ass well. They are in the DR but offer great results for a fraction of what surgeons in the states charge. I hear Campos is really affordable too and does great work as well. Research Research and ....Research, lol. Hope everything works out for you.
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Campos does not inject more than 700-800 CC. he sent me message
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so dra A. Duran does
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You seem like a good candidate but I'm no Dr. I'm going to Dra.Yily in Dominican Republic she gives hour glass shapes
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