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Neck Lift, Lower Facelift and Lipo, 47 Hated Side Profile for Years, Finally Going Ahead Tomorrow! - Birmingham, GB

Finally decided. To go ahead with lower facelift...

Finally decided. To go ahead with lower facelift and neck lift with lipo. I've read so many reviews on here I wanted to contribute too.
I spent a long time trying to find the right surgeon and procedure. Eventually decided on a surgeon just because I had a good feeling about him.
Not much research on facelifts as he mainly performs breast surgery but his resume says he has performed about 100 but that was a few years ago so I presume many more. He was very nice and has seen me 3 times so far. Each time I came away feeling confident but when I sit at home on my ipad I start to get worried that he is not a "facial expert".
Anyway it's too late now so here are the before photos..

My anxiety is a) scarring, b) looking lopsided c) looking unnatural.
I have fixed earlobes and I can't imagine what the scar will look like. I only seem to find images of people with dangly earlobes!

1 day post op

Yesterday not too much swelling, today same but more pain! All good except I have aw only mouth. Obviously I am worried about this but my surgeon has seen me twice and both times says he is not worried and it will get better. Non of the nurses seem worried either but the sceptical side of me thinks this is just them pretending so I don't get worried! I am resisting the rude to google it.....yet!

Here are my day 1 pics

2day post op less painful, haematoma drained

Had my haematoma drained late last night by a very kind surgeon and a anaesthetic team who stayed after their patient list was finished. Dr angelo allerusso. He looked tired but very instant that it needed to be done!
Recovery was brilliant. I have to say thatI have had the best recovery in this hospital (Despite lots of negative reviews on English forums btw)
I am now feeling a lot better. Pain is minimal, just two tramadol since last night.
And I had some food.

Day3 post op

Hair washeed, first view with no chin strap, look wide!! But I have seen enough pics on here to know this Normal. Haematoma gone, feel ok. Still wonky mouth though. Feeling pretty much pain free at mo, discharge in an hour.
I will be wrting that the service in this hospital as been second to non.

4 days post op and feeling anxious and stressed

I came home yesterday having had a 3 night stay in hospital. The bruising on my neck is tight and sore. I am anxious because I am worried about the possibility of another haematoma. I am taking as little pain relief as so because of the constipation effects.
I am worried about the stitches around my hairline and my droopy mouth. I did expect to feel like this though!

5days post op

Feeling a little better today, tried to get up and about but really tired so gave up after a while. I am really lucky that it's beautiful weather here and my kids are all busy with friends playing and hubby is a teacher on holiday so is looking after me really well. My cheeks rally ache today and my ears throb. My neck is very tight and sore but all as expected. Here's some pics with chinstrap on. Can't face taking it off!

A facelift is a really expensive way to find out you need an eyebrow reshape!

Boy my eyebrows look rubbish. I will take this opportunity to grow them out fully and start again!

Day 6 post op

Woke up feeling extremely tired this morning. Alarmed by how tight my neck felt so had a look and was shocked by how much bruising there was and how far forward the stitches were (and how lumpy they are). All this combined with my still crooked smile made me feel down. I contacted the clinic for advise about arnica gel and how long to keep chin strap on. They were adamant I needed the chin strap on 24/7 for now and arnica was ok but not on the sutures.
Couldn't get motivated today but couldn't sleep either. I feel such an idiot for ding this to myself!
Had a shower later on, a couple of paracetamol and I feel better now. So I took off the chinstrap for a good look. Mickey rouke comes to mind! My face is soooo wide! However I did catch my side profile and I was pleasantly surprised. So fingers crossed I will feel more positive tomorrow.

7days post op still feeling rough

For all those who are thinking about this, just remember it is a major surgery. Unless you are very lucky or resistant, there will be a lot of down time. I am struggling with this !
I am bored and still in pain. My face is still really swollen and my ears still hurt. Now my stitches are itching and I have a really bad cough and a sore throat. I also feel really unwell and absolutely shattered. But I am a bit of a wuss.
Off to the nurse tomorrow to get stitches checked.

Day 9

Felling much better today, still tired, still cough, still sore throat but definately better. I had a shower today and was able to massage conditioner into my sclap without cringing! It's all very numba and swollen around the back of my ears and my face is very wide but I am starting to feel a bit more back to normal now.

Day 10 feeling better

It's day 10 and I have decided to clip my hair back to try to tke photos of the grimness beneath...eurghhh

12 days post op

I am feeling so much better now, apart from itchy stitches and some soreness around throat.
Still got a swollen face and a lumpy neck and my mouth is still wonky but getting better everyday, I hope that is helpful for others to know

2weeks post op

Finally made it to toe weeks, staples out tomorrow!
Very sore and swollen still. Now starting to see lumps and bumps on neck as the swelling goes down. Still very swollen and hard cheeks though.

3 1/2 weeks post op

I am on holiday at the moment, staying out of the sun and trying to rest. Today I am feeling much better. I still have lots of pian around my neck and ears and the lumps on my neck are quite big.vyou can see it clearly on the photos.
I am still wearing my chinstrap from some of the day and at night. Feeling happy with profiles still got a big neck but I have an angle and it looks much better from the front. My face is still very wide though as I am swollen around my ears still.
Scabby as a scabby dog behind the ears and dying to pick!


Sorry, couldn't upload pics on holiday!

Dr. Adriano Seno

Very friendly but professional.

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You look great! Thanks for sharing. Loved the detailed photos. The bruising didn't scare me as much as the staples and stitches did around the ears. How are your scars and bruises now? I think you look great. Do you feel it was worth the $10K?
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Thank you for sharing your story and your photo timeline. You look great!! I hope you are feeling better now, please let us know how the recovery is going. I am contemplating a similar surgery, and just can't stop reading other people's stories and reading their comments and deep thoughts on what surgery does to the body, mind and soul.
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You look so amazing !!!!!! I bet there are no regrets...just an incredible amount of down time it must seem to you..it's completely worth it..x x ashley
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Thank you for sharing your experience. Your neckline is wonderful -and very elegant! You will be so pleased once the swelling has gone down. May I ask if you had a SMAS lower face lift - muscles realigned and tightened?
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Yes, smas, lipo and neck / lower facelift!
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Wow you look amazing - it's taken years off you!
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You look gorgeous,are you pleased,I'm still swollen behind ears,I guess it's going to take time.
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Thinking of having neck surgery, lower face lift etc. 66 years old. Researching GB docs none seem to be experts in the above procedure, more breast, tummy etc. Need to speak to my consultant again re down time after surgery, certainly does not seem like the two weeks they advocate!!! Big decision yet to make,think I am having second thoughts tho.
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Hi Well I would definately say that down time varies. Some people are up and about after a week but I seem to have taken ages. Luckily I am a teacher and I have got the whole holidays to recover but I still feel I will not be fully recovered when I go back into the classroom. I found it hard to get facial experts. There are two in bristol and a few in london. I met the two in bristol but didn't like them. In the end I went with a large well known company that had a poor reputation just because I felt comfortable with the surgeon. I have had no complaints so far! I have spent 3 weeks wondering if I did the right thing. Now I am feeling like I did. I hope this helps with your decision making!
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Thank you.
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Hi,I had Peter Saxby and I went to Tirquay,he was highly recommended,he is a surgeon that also reconstructs facial cancer patients.i found him to be excellent,I am 15 days post op,please look at my profile and review,I had very little swelling ,and would certainly recommend him.downtime varies from person to person,but at 10 days post op I was able to go out on first social event,any questions please ask.
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Just chart out three weeks for recovery...if you can....faces are out there, unlike the rest, so are harder to mask and to feel comfortable out in public. Also, if it is hot or humid, it aggravates the face and the incisions...so, just plan on staying indoors, resting, drinking water and try not to look in the mirror every five seconds like the rest of us. I was about the house in the first week, but to go to the store and run errands would have been exhausting...housework is out for two weeks, bending, lifting, stretching, etc....it just aggravates the swelling and discomfort. Good luck to you!
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Hi. just read through your profile, you look amazing!! I got my lower face done 4 weeks yesterday and also my ears fixed as they were pulled down from surgery that I had several years ago. I didn't really want my face done again but my surgeon said that she needed to do a lift to get my ears back where they should be. I too ended up with a wonky mouth and know now that it is bruising to one of my nerves and that it will get better with time. I am feeling down at the moment as I have a large lump on my right cheek, I had part of my incision re opened and suction applied but there was nothing in there so my surgeon says it must be swelling still that needs time to go down. I just wish that surgeons would be more honest about the recovery and not tell us that we will be fit to go out in public after 2 weeks :-) I hope that you carry on healing well x
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You are so right, they do...they brush it off as no big deal, but I am at day 50 now, still swollen, and if I don't move my mouth for a hour or so, it gets so tight and locked feeling...ears sore, scabs kind of there...I hope I never have to go back again for surgery. The recovery is just really awful. It's our faces...out there...in the light of day ! lol
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Oh lordy...yes it will all get beer on time...but of course they'd never discuss how truly bad the healing process to some otherwise their would be no patients=no money xxxc
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You are looking lovely,well done you,think of me tomorrow,I'm getting nervous x
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Good luck, you'll be fine , just keep checking this site for reassurance!
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You re really looking great!!!!!
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Hi,I take it the wonky smile has now gone and starting to go back too normal.you are looking lovely,in a week or so you will forget the uncomfortable feeling,keep posting Hun x
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Unbelievable how well you, re healing....I know you absolutely won't regret it....I want to do it so badly..I'll be 47 soon and it's just my neck that'd starting to sag a bit..feel better each day and thank you for sharing your pictures...look amazing I think Rest lexi
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Hi how are you doing.
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You are going to look even more lovely. I would like to get this done for me. Good luck to you!
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Thanks! Just remember, you will probably regret it at first as you look such a state but the improvements are day by day!
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I think you are looking lovely,glad you are feeling better x
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I can definitely see improvement in your chin /jaw line. Surgery is an assault on the body and it takes time to heal.. I think your are going to look great. Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed and to share all the photos! Good Luck
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