Broken Nose - Manipulation Operation (London)

About four months ago I fainted and broke my nose...

About four months ago I fainted and broke my nose and had to have nose manipulation surgery. My is now straight although the unfortunate thing is the swelling that has subsequently developed. It has now been four months and there is still swelling on both the right and left side of the bridge of my nose. On the right the bone seems to be a bit curved out a bit and there is a bump on the bridge. On the left hand side of my bridge there is also a bump  although all my friends say that they can barely see these bumps and that my nose looks the same as it did before. I know this not to be true as can see from old pictures that it is different.

I have exhausted myself reading about how broken bones heal. I have read that bones fix themselves by developing a callous which is thicker than normal bone, this calllous is then gradually reabsorbed into the bone. I would be over the moon if this was the case, as all I want is for my nose to look the way it did before the accident. I read different things all the time saying bones don't heal the same way as other bones and that callous is for some reason not reabsorbed. 

I have found this whole thing so traumatic to deal with as I was feeling so confident before this accident and now just feel really concious of my nose. I know this seems really superficial and am shocked at how much this whole thing has affected me. I would like to have more surgery if my nose does not heal right but it is so expensinve and do not know where I would find the money from.

if anyone has any advice or similar stories I would welcome hearing about them.


Arwen - I broke my nose while in university playing rugby (Americans really shouldn't play this sport without some coaching!). I had very painful nose manipulation to reset the nose. It did self-heal with, as you describe, scar tissue that's thicker than the bone. It doesn't really hump at all, so my nose shape is generally the same as prior to the break. My only long-term problem is that I lost about 80% of my breathing capacity in one nostril. I should probably ask a facial plastic surgeon on RealSelf on whether it's worth surgery, or is there harm from having one side of my nose closed off. Fearful they tell me to come in to get it worked on! Best of luck and feel free to post your question to the doctors here. We have some of the best surgeons in the world answering questions (free, of course).
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Hi Tom, thanks for your response, I think you should maybe get someone to look at your breathing problem as 80% is really quite a lot. I have slight bumps, but am really hoping they will disappear and my nose will mold back completely to its original shape, if they don't I am seriously considering surgery. My nose manipulation was free as had it on the NHS (Britain's got a free health service) and would hate to spend that much money, but I am so concious of these little bumps. Arwen
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