Broke out in Cysts from 30% At-home Chemical Peel - Boston, MA

About a month ago, i decided to give myself an at...

about a month ago, i decided to give myself an at home glycolic peel 30%. i thought it would be a good idea to do, (and yes i researched) to remove the top dead layer of my skin (to "brighten" it up).

omg!!! that was the worst mistake i ever did to myself! apparently, i got some type of an allergic reaction from it. i started breaking out in huge, painful bumps the first few days (i'm assuming they were CYSTS). after that, i would break out in pimples and whiteheads. i get a new pimple almost every single day, whiteheads just stay there (a lot on my jaw line). haven't really gotten a cyst after that first week. i've been like this for about a month now. i can't believe i gave myself acne!

i've been researching and no one else has had these kind of reactions from a glycolic peel. i mean yes, it is normal to break out the first few weeks after a peel but not like this. will this go away on its own or is it going to get worse? has this ever happened to anyone else? i'm so frustrated.

has this happened to anyone else? please help me.


hi. when i had insurance, i would use retin a micro. once my insurance ended i researched and found an over the counter retinol, afirm 1x, afirm 2x and afirm 3x. both brands are good but price wise, retin a micro is more expensive without insurance and afirm only costs about $45. if you google, you will find it on a website. if you never used a retinol before, then i would start off with afirm 1x and work your way up.

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So, I am wondering what's wrong with me cause I did the "Avon ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Retexturizing Peel" which is 35%, that has rave reviews and I broke out in tiny bumps all over my face. No welts or cysts just hundreds of little bumps! Is this the same thing? Why does this happen?

Any help is appreciated...
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hi chef

as long as you didn't get any cysts or welts then i guess it's normal. when you do any type of a peel, your skin, after, is supposed to get a little worse because whatever was underneath your skin is trying to come to the surface. thats what an esthetician told me. after going through what i went through, i definitely don't think any type of a peel is worth it. i've been using retin a for over a year now and could not be happier. it's brightened up my skin, controlled my acne and also helped with my fine lines. i strongly recommend it.
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