Poor Service

The result of the process was not worth the pain...

The result of the process was not worth the pain and aggravation of dealing with these people. You sit in an uncomfortable dental chair for a hour with your mouth propped open. This not the spa experience they advertise. The boredom is overwhelming. Some of the staff was not friendly. Seemed to have no regard for the customer's satisfaction once they had your money and clamped your mouth open. When the suffering is over they come at you to purchase more of their overpriced products to take home with you. Unless you are a masochist don't waste your money


DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT COMING HERE! THEY COULD CARE LESS AS SOON AS THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY. Also they are inexperienced and their computers "crashed" everytime i went. the results from ALA were nothing, and there are NO REFUNDS. THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT GETTING AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE. oh and one of there workers is on drugs, she was physically shaking.. i really freaked me out.. but she said that she was just tired.. STAY AWAY!
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Brite Smile Schaumburg Woodfield Mall

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