Very Painful, No Difference

I had my teeth whitened with Brite Smile in 2009....

I had my teeth whitened with Brite Smile in 2009. I had traditional tray whitening for the first time in 2005 and it really worked for me, my teeth looked much whiter after a 1 week treatment. I remembered though how uncomfortable it was so the second time I opted for the 1-hour treatment of Brite Smile.
I was promised better results than tray-whitening, and a quick no-hassle treatment.
At the dentist's the lady applied protection on my gums and gave me protecting glasses. She even told me that for some people the treatment can be painful (I had no idea about this) and adviced me to signal her if it becomes unbearable so she stops!
The first 20-minute cicle was ok. During the second cicle I started to have very strong flashes of pain inside my teeth, it's very difficult to describe this kind of pain, it was a very disturbing feeling, not a single tooth hurting but my entire jaw, the pain flipping from one side to the other.
The third cicle was really unbearable. I made it to the end, then the protection was removed. I could already see on the lady's face it was not looking great. Looking in the mirror I couldn't see any difference at all. She told me I had a kind of teeth that doesn't react well(??!) and told me to have a painkiller because the pain will continue all day (it did). I had flashes of pain the following couple of days.
The next day I could see a bit more difference in color but not much. My lips were swollen and irritated on the inside and were painful for almost a week.
Now the color of my teeth is not just yellow anymore but has this horrible gray shade to it. I understand that the color of my bones is not bright white but tends to yellow so I will never have an amazing smile but this grayish color is even worse.
Definitely not worth the money.

Thanks for the well detailed review! I'm sorry to hear you had to go through that much discomfort and still not get the results you wanted.

I'm not sure if you are still interested in pursuing other whitening options, but I know some other community members have talked about having "Deep Bleaching" done when they have dark teeth. Click here to see a review.

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You mentioned that your teeth now have a gray shade to them. Did the Office that did the Britesmile say anything about this having happened to other people, or offer anything to help you with it?

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My dentist doesn't do this treatment so I went to a dentist I didn't know before. Place was ok, stuff kind.

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