Horrible! Woodfield Mall!

My experience was horrible with the Brite Smile...

My experience was horrible with the Brite Smile located in Woodfield Mall. The staff isn't very friendly at all. Also, be careful when they get a hold of your bank account number because I got charged AGAIN 4 months after I had my teeth whiten & there was nothing Brite Smile could do for me. They said it must have been a clerical error & I still haven’t received my money back. The store manager is horrible at well. The store manager’s name for the Woodfield Brite Smile is {edited}. So Beware... that this place rips you off.
I’m making my horrible experience known because I don’t want anybody to deal with the same horrible situation!


Wow, some unhappy people! Maybe lousy teeth to begin with? I had dingy teeth and was pleased and grateful for the excellent service I received during two visits at the Woodfield Mall location. Teeth were noticeably whiter - just as the photos they show you before you go through the procedure. Worth the money. Obviously won't correct years of poor care at home!
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I also had a HORRIBLE experience at a Britesmile location in a mall. I had already paid for a 2 yr plan at a very nice location in Irvine, this was my second 2 yr plan so I HAD been very happy with the staff, office and service until Britesmile decided to cut corners&close down that office so I was forced to go to a FILTHY, UNPROFESSIONAL, TACKY MALL SPA with pushy staff trying to sell me other spa services and an overseeing female dentist SO UNPROFESSIONAL I was left with hard residue stuck all in my teeth and was quickly given a toothpick. I had to wander around to go find her to request help, and found her applying her makeup instead of doing her job with me! I will NOT purchase another package and I would have been a lifelong customer if they had not cheaped out. The bad mall spa was OLD TOWNE MALL IN ORANGE, CA.
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Apart from double charge, how's your tooth whitening experience? still white now?
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