Whitened SLIGHTLY - Hated It - California, CA

Whitened SLIGHTLY for about a week then returned...

Whitened SLIGHTLY for about a week then returned to normal.
Even when I asked friends if there was a difference everyone said no.

I also have two other friends that feel the same way after having their treatments by BriteSmile. They are now saying "I told you so" because they warned me that the results wouldn't be that huge companred to the high price they charge.

Stick to Crest White Strips ladies and gents and save, rather than waste your money.


Crest strips suck, in fact most of those don't work at all and the change...well there's no change other than a clean feeling mouth. I did a BriteSmile treatment with no hassle, relaxed and within one hour it was done. I think I even napped. It was worth it. period.
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