Good for About a Year

I had the 60 minute treatment done about 14-15...

I had the 60 minute treatment done about 14-15 months ago. It looked great for a few months, and gradually I can see my teeth starting to yellow again. They are still whiter than pre-treatment though. I asked how long the whiteness would less and the staff were fairly upfront that most people need touchups periodically. I pressed them on how often, and I seem to recall them suggesting every year or two, depending how much coffee, sofa, wine, staining foods you consume. I'm a heavy coffee/soda drinker, so I'm happy the results are still ok, and will probably get a touchup later this year. I just got a promotion advertising $199 for 20 minutes and $249 for 40 minutes to previous customers.

Have you ever tried bleaching trays from dentist? I Been wanting to do this but I hear they are both bad for the enamel. NOt a huge coffee drinker maybe 4 a month or more. HOw are your teeth now.
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