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I want a new nose. As I get older my nose seems to...

I want a new nose. As I get older my nose seems to be getting bigger. I hate taking a photo close up as I hate the way my nose is on my face. I live in Brisbane Australia. Dr Shahidi (Sydney) is not an option... I have researched him and his site suggests interstate travellers stay in Sydney for 8-10days after the OP which is not an option for me. I really need someone that has had Rhinoplasty in Brisbane to give me the name of their doctor. I haven't seen any bad reviews on doctors in Oz yet. I am wanting to do my research as I don't want to be the first to write one.
Fat noses run in my family in fact on both sides of the family. Damn it! In fact my mum has the ugliest nose I have ever seen..haha But we wont tell her that.
My nose used to look great when I was in my teens-twenty' but for whatever reason it just got big..haha Damn it! I have touched down in my 40's now, so it's time for a fine tune.
I have to say IM nervous as all hell in doing this. Ill try and add some close up's of my ugly noggin (nose)haha. God its so funny how Aussie's have slang for every word haha! Truly we should print our very own dictionary. I have to say I feel really ugly. Sometimes when I visit family, I get offended if they say Im attractive, I don't believe them and I think they're just saying it to be nice, and therefore its just lying. Id rather them say nothing at all. And even if they mean it, its because they have a fat nose too so they're just used to it.hahaha!
Well I would appreciate if anyone could tell me a doctors name that they personally have had experience with in Brisbane.

WOW - I love my new thighs

Its been 3-4weeks now and the feeling is almost back. That was the best experience with the greatest outcome and would do it again. I feel so good, I can wear anything, I don't have those huge round pockets of fat that no matter what I did/eat/ didn't do - they were always there. 58kg I was in the bikini photos and they still stick out.

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Hi I'm in Brisbane and am having my rhinoplasty with Dr Andrew Broadhurst! I also considered going to Sydney (and even America!) for my operation but its much better to stay close to home if you can find a surgeon who you think is right. I recommend having a consultation with Dr Broadhurst if you're going to see any Dr in Brisbane to see what he thinks.
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Hi just wondering what dr broadhursts charges are to get a rhinoplasty procedure done?
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Your nose is similar to mine I think! I agree with all u said I feel that too when family says im attractive
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Hey there, I live in Brisbane too! I did a lot of searching around for surgeons and couldn't find much on ones in Brisbane who specialised in Rhinoplasty. My friend got hers done by Dr. Craig Layt on the Gold Coast and says he was nice. I looked into him but can only fund reviews on boob jobs. I flew down to Sydney last week to have a consultation with Dr. Shahidi. I would MUCH rather stay at home in Brisbane but I also want to go with the best possible surgeon. Keep us updated :)
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You ARE attractive, which is why people say it, :), but I also understand the feeling of not liking your nose. I have been there. Make sure you find a board certified surgeon very skilled in doing noses (lots and lots of noses). Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations.

Please let us know how your journey progresses!
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Not sure why would anybody post a photo covering their NOSE on rhinoplasty forum... So strange
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Because it is an excuse to post a picture of her breasts... That is why.
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chipdijones...gee's you're a clairvoyant... Of course, must be some underlying reason?Couldnt possibly because of what the person says would have to be your opinion... You seem to have all the answers. I don't appreciate your comments, I think there nasty and uncalled for... I think your a jealous person who needs to keep your opinion to yourself. My tits have nothing to do with my nose and not sure why you're even looking there.
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To demonstrate her insecurity with her nose obviously. All here for honest reasons would get that. You're just catty.
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