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I got estheslis injected into my lips twice, the...

I got estheslis injected into my lips twice, the first time half a vial, and the second a whole one. This was my first cosmetic procedure, and I used a voucher, which is why it was so cheap. I was very excited when I first got it done, but by the first day there were some tears because it was so lumpy. I urge you not to worry though, because after a week or two it looks very natural and smooth. Nobody even noticed my lips had changed, so it was natural but I feel I want a bit more of a change. I also want to flatten out the way my lip goes up, down in the middle then up again (was more severe before augmentation) but overall I'm very happy. I was always self conscious of my profile because my nose isn't too small and my chin recedes a bit. I considered a nose job but this completely changed my profile for alot cheaper and alot less fuss!


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Thanks for posting pictures for us - its so great to see the results!

Did you have to do anything to get the lumpiness to go away (like massage your lips) or did it just disperse on its own?

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