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Worth It - Brisbane, Australia

Changed to dysport due to the increased price of...

Changed to dysport due to the increased price of Botox. I've always loved it. The only thing that bothers me is that it's not very well regulated here. Plastic surgeons set up their little clinics and nurses run their places. I've only gotten injected by nurses, and the price is not any cheaper

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HI Just, 

The community would probably agree with you about the nurse and doctor thing. The community often mentions how important it is to have a highly skilled person injecting. I'm glad you are happy with Dysport, please keep us updated. Pictures would be awesome if you have them. 

Enjoy the week, thanks!


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get over it. you are paying for product. the nurse is more than capable of injecting as well as the doctor.
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Sydney2293 no need to be nasty. It is how it is, obviously ur just one sourpuss, FYI I am a nurse myself
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