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Love It - Brisbane, Australia

Started getting Botox when I was 23, it used to...

Started getting Botox when I was 23, it used to last up to 5 months each time but now it only lasts a little over 2 months, especially around my crows feet. I've now changed to dysport as it's a little bit cheaper. I paid approx $20 a unit.

Where in Brisbane do you go? I just moved here so need to find a new place.

Hi Just, 

Hmm, that's strange usually community members mention that the longer they have Botox the longer it lasts. Maybe your body has adjusted, at least no harm has happened. And yay you found Dysport, which not only works better but is less expensive, plus plus if i you ask me ;) 

Thank you so much!


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Only been injected by nurses. The regulation does state it has to be administered by a doctor or a nurse working under a doctor's supervision, but it's never the case. I go to clinics owned by plastic surgeons but run by nurses or beauticians

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