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A bit about me: I am not overweight and don't...

A bit about me: I am not overweight and don't have too much excess fat, mainly my lower stomach where by the end of the day I look bloated. I have paid AU$680 for 5 sessions.

I have had 2 sessions so far and have not noticed much change. The technician told me that many people dont notice a change until the 3rd session so I will withhold judgement until I have undergone further treatments. I guess I have lost 4 cm's but this would be off my waist (2cm) and down near my underwear line (2cm) but not the section in between which is were I really want it to work.

I have 20-30 mins of ultrashape and then 30 mins TENS therapy. When using the ultrashape the technician uses a firm pressing motion but not as much as some of the clips I have seen on youtube so I am not sure if the pressure has something to do with how effective it is?

Rather than focusing on one area the technician is doing both upper and lower stomach, which she says is for a more even result. I really should say something to her as the area of concern is my lower stomach but I think that I will wait until after my next session and then for my last two ask that she focuses on the lower stomach.

I was advised that I needed to drink 2-3L of water per day, eat a low (>80g) carb diet, eat 1 apple per day for the fibre and exercise 3-4 times per week. I haven't had an issue with this as I normally eat healthily and go to the gym regularly anyway. I would normally only drink 1-1.5L water per day so I am feeling quite bloated.

Hopefully over the next 3 sessions I will see some improvements.

sorry but it sounds like the company gives you a strict diet to stick to ??

in that case there machines arnt doing the job

you should get instant results measure before and measure strait away after

if you dont see instant results min 2cm results its rubbish

the diet thing will give you results within a week without the ipl ? think about it

i have had lipo $3300 chest,love handles,and tummy in one sesson 2 hrs under
general and theres no stupid diets to stick to before and after

i have also had ipl and got fair results av 2cm per sesson and even sessons in the space of 24 hrs appart

its all a stupid sales pitch to make them sound important

Thanks for sharing your experience so far, Koozan. How are you feeling now?

Hi Sharon

I had my third treatment last week and have another one tomorrow....maybe the frequency of the treatments are too close as I know of another clinic that recommends at least 2-4 weeks apart.

There has been no improvement since my last treatment. It is hard not to get too down about it, especially when I have been doing everything by the book (eating/exercise) and not seeing the results, as just by exercising alone I can maintain my current weight/body shape so not being able to eat chocolate is quite depressing!!

After this clinic I do have 4 treatments (at 2 other clinics) as Brisbane was having super deals on ultrashape, so it will be interesting to see the different techniques they use (and fingers crossed I might see some real results.)

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It is not that I don't recommend the technician I am seeing but that I haven't seen too much improvement in my body so don't want to recommend a treatment that may not work.

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