Went and had an upper eyelid lift performed...

Went and had an upper eyelid lift performed yesterday, really glad I have finally had it done as I've been bothered by the uneven ness in my eyes since I was about fourteen. Only problem now is the scarring is really uneven and I'm worried that my eyes will heal terribly different. It's only one day post op though so we shall see.

Long over due update.

It's been about nine months now since I had my initial bletharoplasty done on my upper lids. As expected the left eye healed brilliantly from both a physical and aesthetic stand point whilst the right eye did not. I had the right eye revised about three months ago now and there is still a lot of excess skin present giving the eyes a very uneven look. Dr Lamb did the revision free of cost as he too was unhappy with the results. The last time I saw him, one month post revision op he told me that there was still a small sliver of skin to be removed to make the eyes totally even but to wait until feb 2015 before doing so to give the eye some time to heal. I am not exactly happy with the fact that I have had to have my eye done twice now with a third surgery looming as there is still a very visible redness to the scarring on right eye as opposed to the left which has healed beautifully and almost invisibly. Fingers crossed it's third time lucky with this pesky right eye. Will update with pictures soon.

Third revision booked.

I have a third revision for the right eye booked for the 12/3/2015. I will be doing it under local anaesthetic again. Not exactly looking forward to it but oh well, hopefully third time lucky and my eyes will finally be even. Dr Lamb is again doing this revision free of cost and has been a great help in my journey towards gaining the results I crave for my eyes aesthetically. The redness of the scarring has reduced immensely from the last revision and the left eye remains perfect with no redness present. Fingers crossed this last revision heals as well as all the previous surgeries as I am worried it will be too much trauma to the right eye and I will be left with redness/scarring forever.

Just had the third revision.

I just got home from having the third revision performed on my right eye, took a before picture for reference, will post before and after below, other than being a little bit sore and tired everything feels fine. Dr Lamb was great as always, the whole operation took less than thirty minutes and was a breeze besides having the local anaesthetic injected which was painful but to be expected, only took about thirty seconds though so it wasn't too bad. Hopefully third time is the charm and no more revisions will be needed.

Before third revision on right eye

After third revision on right eye

Stitches come out in two days...

My eye didn't bruise/swell too badly but has been very itchy over the past three days. It's driving my crazy. I was also concerned as there was a bit of "gunk" on the incision line and what looks like bumps but it has settled over the past day or so and seems to be still healing. Stitches come out on Wednesday (today is Monday) so I will ask Dr Lamb then if it's anything to be concerned about. I will post a picture below to show the progress so far. I can already see that it looks pretty much even to my left eye so I am ecstatic about that. Fingers crossed it will heal and be just as great as my left eye worked out to be.

2 months on

It has been two months give or take since my third revision and I unfortunately have to say that my eyes are still not even. The scarring is raised and red still and the texture of skin around the scar is quite bumpy and odd. I am extremely disappointed and will now have to seek out a second opinion from a new surgeon. Although I can't fault Dr Lamb on his bedside manner in any way I have to say that he hasn't been able to achieve in three tries what should have easily been accomplished in one surgery. I am quite regretting having the surgery done by him the first time now let alone three revisions. Very dissatisfied and worried that his work won't be able to be rectified by another surgeon in the filature after the eye is done completely healing. Will add pictures in the near future.

Pictures two months after third revision on right eye

New surgeon consult.

I just flew to Sydney to have a consult with Dr Jermey Hunt in regards to having my right eye fixed (as well as a septoplasty, rhinoplasty etc) and was very happy to be told he could fix Dr Archie Lambs botched work with an endoscopic brow lift on the right side only. Unfortunately this was what the right side needed all along, not three upper bletharoplastys, which has cause scarring, milia around the stitch entry and exit holes as well as causing a tightening of the lid that lifts and pulls at the upper lash line when I look up, not letting me close my eye quite properly but only slightly, not to the point where my eye is constantly dry or anything thank goodness. I am extremely disappointed that Dr Lamb has butchered my eyes this way and I am just praying that Dr Hunt can rectify it. I'm not looking forward to the pain of having to go through surgery to correct this issue once again, both physically and monetarily but I feel confident that Dr Hunt will be able to give me the results I've been seeking for once and for all. I have an appointment with Dr Archie Lamb at 1pm today and I am a bit nervous to confront him about this as I will be asking for a refund in order to be able to put towards my surgery with Dr Hunt which for the brow lift to correct Dr Lambs work is quoted at $5,500 with an additional hospital fee of $1,540, so the least Dr Lamb could do is to give me my money back in order to help me cover the now repairs on my eye monetarily at least. I will post updated pictures both close up and full face tomorrow to demonstrate the assymetry of the eye still caused by the brow and also the pulling of upper lash band when looking up as well as the raised scarring and milia/spots around the stitch holes.
Dr Archie Lamb

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