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28 Year Old from Brisbane, Invisalign Day Two. - Brisbane, AU

Hi all, I got my Invisalign yesterday with 10...

Hi all,

I got my Invisalign yesterday with 10 attachments and 26 trays. I was not expecting to have all these attachments, especially on my two front teeth! I was in shock and pretty upset at how they look. My mouth feels cut up today and just generally sore. It is difficult talking purely because of the attachments cutting into my lips. I will get some gel today and so how that goes.

1 year to go! ????


I, too, came home and cried when I started my treatment...I have 18 attachments!! I was miserable 24/7. Couldn't stand having them in because they felt so strange and they hurt; couldn't stand having them out because the attachments were so scratchy they tore my entire mouth to shreds. I ALMOST decided I wasn't going to go through it. Tomorrow I will change into my 3rd set of trays, already one month down. Oh yes, there definitely have been adjustments...I stomped around quite a bit over some of them but for the most part, I'm so much better and fully intend to see this through. I do so hope you will soon be good with your treatment as well! I don't think it's a good idea to drink anything but water while wearing the trays...I personally am terrified of cavities. However, I have 'cheated' twice...on my way home, I had my favorite iced coffee drink through a straw. As soon as I got home, I removed the trays and brushed my teeth. Once at a restaurant when I couldn't bring myself to perform the ritual in their public restroom, I used a wisp in the car, put the trays in but cleaned well when I got home 1.5 hours later. About the nails: I have long nails and use the thumbs to remove the trays. I went to the nail salon and had them overlaid with acrylic, no more broken nails. You will find your own little cheats and tools and rituals. That will make you feel more in control and able to concentrate on your beautiful new smile! I hope you will find the support and encouragement here that has helped me so much.
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I came home and cried when I got mine in because they were nothing like I thought they'd be. I'm almost 6 weeks in and it's so different now! I'm not really conscious of them and my lisp has gone and all the sores on my tongue and cheeks cleared up after day 5. Hope you're going alright today!!
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Hi, and welcome, Jessea!  I'm sorry you're going through this straight from the get-go, but it will pass.  Your mouth will toughen up and the attachments will no longer bother you at all.  It will likely take 3-5 days for you to heal enough that you can eat without discomfort, but before then you will be able to eat with just a little.

What kinds of issues are you trying to address with your 26 trays?  Would love to see pictures so that others can see whether their experience is like yours :D.

We have many, many Aussies around just now :).  A lot of them are using AcceleDent, so I was wondering whether that was on the horizon for you.  Here are some of them:  Nadinelliana, CJ13, SophieD, Astrodog21, littleoz, Crooky24, Sunluvva,smilemelb, shannon1990, Dante555, Malnic, MegastarBec1234, and jessjaensch (who just started yesterday, I believe.) :)
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Tray 2 - FYI do not drink cup-of-soup with trays in!

Well it is pass the two week mark and I am happy to report that the trays are getting much easier to take in and out and definitely much easier to talk!

I have just put in my second trays a bit earlier (my orthodontist wanted me to have my first tray in for 3 weeks) because I just drank a cup-of-soup (curry chicken) and my trays turned bright yellow! I have it soaking in vinegar atm so hopefully it's ok. I am not meant to have the new trays until for another 4 days...

Overall, I am feeling much better about the whole process. My bite changed within the first 3 days so it was great to be able to feel a change. I am starting to feel more confident smiling with my natural smile too, because I know that I am on my way to a great smile!


Hi Jessea, just wanted to let you know it does get better! I hated the attachmemts at first - couldn't chew, got good stuck in my gumline all the time - but you do get used to it and after a few weeks you'll hardly notice them. I'm about to go to tray 22 and am delighted with the progress, and the trays are second nature. I used bonjella, braces wax an drank loads of water to stop my mouth hurting. Good luck and stick with it!
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Hmmm... Please let us know if the vinegar works.  I know that hydrogen peroxide doesn't, from personal experience :-/. 
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