Need NJ Dr to Go to to Help -Scared of I Had Too Much Injected - Bridgewater, NJ

I had restylane done for the first time thinking...

i had restylane done for the first time thinking it wouldnt be a big deal since ive had cosmoderm years ago, by a different dr, and it work wonderful.

This is a nightmare. It hurts and is bumpy and extremely swollen. when i smile, i hardly can and it looks weird and clown like...looks like it was over injected. I had it injected on 6.22.11.

I plan on calling the office today as it opens but I am really scared.
Please help.
My vanity is my stupidity

Hi mamp, 

Since you just had it yesterday it sounds like you are still swollen. Other community members have mentioned it has taken up to 2 weeks before swelling fully goes away. As for the bumps, you might want to check out the answers to our Dr. Q&A How should I deal with Bumps and Bruises under Skin? Maybe it will help. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review, and enjoy the weekend.



Ok, so i am ok today....i did go back to the dr's...

Ok, so i am ok today....i did go back to the dr's and they said it was just swelling, it happens a lot and wait till monday.....well, its the next day and it went down a lot...cant help but get scared though...
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