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Terrible Experience and U Are Stuck with Results!!! - Brentwood, CA

I had the most stressful couple of weeks prior to...

I had the most stressful couple of weeks prior to my routine Botox appt, which I generally love and had looked forward since I had an important engagement a few days away. During which, my Doctor suggested radiesse for my sunken cheeks cause I’d looked way too thin for my height. But I reiterated the importance of my Sunday meeting and feared of possible bruising. He assured me that it would look great and I would have nothing to worry about. So I thought, maybe I should touch up my lips and laugh lines too. I assumed he would use part of the radiesse for laugh lines and rest for cheeks. He injected the entire syringe only in my cheeks. I usually close my eyes but knew something was not right with last pierce. I felt the immediate swelling, bruising and my fears of looking like a chipmunk. My doctor continued to tell me not to worry, to go home and ice and by morning but surely by Sunday, my swelling would subside and I’d be happy with the results. I canceled my Sunday date. its been a week and every time I make any facial gestures i get a weird indentation. I preferred my sunken face any day that matches my 5’6” 105LBS frame any day over looking this.

I would do it again!!!! The only thing I...

I would do it again!!!! The only thing I recommended anyone considering any treatment but especially this one is to do so with the their medical doctors. cause u will be stuck with the results.

Doctor should listen to his patients concerns

i have seen this doctor several times for botox & referred many new clients. just worried about when i smile otherwise it looks good

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Oh I don't understand how can u say u will do it again . I did it I'm paying big price suffering for 6 months . I cannot wait to remove it from my face makes me ill knowing is there and how much pain I have . Please stay healthy appreciate it .
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ok I do love what you say about your grand daughter! But Radiesse works for that area, I think I might try it. Juvederm lasts less time (and that is a high-movement area, think of how much we use that area for talking, chewing, smiling.) Just make SURE you get a good doc.
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My face is what you call falling...the nasofolds are getting deeper. I had Restalyne done and it lasted for 3 months and cost a fortune. I had a thread lift done and it cost 10 grand and lasted 1 year. So now I am going to get the Radiesse done to fill the sink above the naso folds. I hope this work for me. When I look in the mirror I see a face that is going downward. My grand daughter use it to draw lines on.
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HI cancan,

I was wondering, since you have provided such great content about your Restalyne experience if you would be willing to let us copy your last comment few to the review format making it available to other community members who are looking for information on Restalyne?



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I've been getting Radiesse in my naso-labial folds (nose to mouth lines) for the past 6 years. I'm a 'high consumer' of the product and so I have to get it done twice a year. (Juvederm and Restalyne last about 2 weeks in my face!) I have always been very pleased with Radiesse as it does actually last for awhile in my face and the results are fantastic. I lost alot of weight 7 years ago and my face was HAGGARD and empty- radiesse has given me my youth back and I would recommend it to anyone. I'm amazed to hear about the reactions to this product as I've never heard about allergic reactions to Radiesse- as far as I'm concerned it is a safe product in the right medically qualified hands. Go to an experienced medically trained practitioner.
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would like to have a non surgical nose enhancement?
Which filler is suitable ?
How can a filler stay on the nose line and not "slide" to the sides or to the tip ?

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my goodness, i look like you only older because i am a lot older, but i am not swollen up. you need to get the swelling down , its not good for you, physically , it involves some nerve endings and blood vessels . from a medical rather than an aesthetic standpoint needs to be your primary concern here. use ice packs if those will help, i don't know in this case how the radisse reacts, see a good doctor, you could benefit from drugs which reduce swelling, maybe prednisone, i don't know either, as a doctor, aspirin. isn't your face painful, dear? take care of the looks after , your health is primary. no doctor should have used that much , its like putting too much salt in when you cook something. a tiny bit at a time. you may have a legal suit . as for the thin face, you do not have a long chin, or too high a forehead i do you? wear bangs that shortens the face and have you hair cut blunt across the chin line so that it rounds your face out, get some hair, like hair extensions, at the beauty supply downtown los angeles in the place called the alley, don't pay retail prices, get the best quality hair, around two hundred, thats a lot of hair, and have your extensions applied around the crown on your head there for rounding out the face by a circular frame widening the face. wear horizontal stripes, when you can, maybe in headbands, or something, be creative. your lips geez, don't put anything in them anymore. let them be beautiful and wide, make that a plus instead of changing it. that is how certain movie stars got popular , you know , and created new fashion styles that is why some eras had thin eye brows and red bright thin lips and others had thick brows , think about brooke shields eye brows vs ? some twenties flapper. get my point? be your own style, wear big floppy hats, make the thin face your plus, not minus because you want to copy the current look. you are too young, to know, we had the thin face ladies with the afgan hound dogs in new york city in the sixties, taller and thinner even. and wear heels look slinky it will work, dear, best of everything

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Good advice!!!!
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I had Radiesse from a surgeon out of state because I was visiting my sister and she is a long time patient of his. The injection was June 20th and within about 3 weeks you couldn't tell I had a thing done. I sometimes think I look worse than I did before. I am going back this week to let the doc take a look. Has anyone else had a non-effective result.
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Hi Cera,

Everybody responds to fillers differently for a variety of reasons. If you did not witness the results you were seeking, there could be many reasons for this.

If you feel the result was non-effect, there is a possibility that not enough product was injected. Perhaps you need more product to obtain the desired result.

On the other hand, if you feel you look worse than before - then perhaps the injection provided the desired results in the area it was injected, thus, making the surrounding areas that were not treated appear more pronounced.

To properly assess your situation - there are many variables that must be considered. Without seeing photographs, and understanding what results you were seeking, any advice or reasoning would be purely speculative.

I believe that one reason why I've seen satisfactory results with Radiesse is because I have an outstanding dermatologist - and because I provided her with photographs of myself when I was younger as a reference point that I'd like to return to.

My suggestion is to return to the doctor that injected the radiesse, and to obtain a consult from a secondary source that is credible. I hope this helps.


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if we saw pics we could tell what went wrong so that you are not satisfied, I think....if you didn't get a good result but no weird lumps, I am thinking that (a) not enough or like C says, (B) it makes the surrounding areas look more deflated in comparison -- BUT a good injector should see that and not give false hopes. My doc would tell me if something won't work, even if it means he makes less money -- in the long run he makes more because I trust him for his artistry and honesty.
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i had small radiesse in right nasolabial gone in 6 wks then dr says i need more got large vial mainly in right naso gone again in 2 mth now dr try to say need more they jus out for money i have contacted merz aesthetics legal dept waiting for reply

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Hey Sant monica3168, I am so interested in Radiesse because heard too much bad about Sculptra (also used for sunken look.) I am thin and want to "round" it out a bit to look prettier, and I am wondering...you had it in your cheeks, but does anyone know if it can be in the jawline area too, to add volume? My face looks too long and thin! Want more volume all around my jaw -- help!
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Dont bother-please!! I had it done 2 months ago. I had expected to come out looking 5 years younger, but my face was horrific! I couldnt leave the house for 2 weeks-yes, 2 weeks. I looked like id been hit by a bus-twice! The bruising was terrible. I had to tell everyone id had wisdom teeth out! My smile changed, and i was horrified at the result. I missed a friends 50th party and a hen party because i couldnt go out! I was so worried i tried to get to see the doctor who did it, but was told not too worry, the swelling would go down and was normal. Why hadnt anyone warned me before of the immediate results being so bad. 2 months on, the swelling has gone, but my face looks no different. friends cant believe ive had any treatment at all. What a waste of 650 pound. Think carefully before you do it-please.
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i am also interested in Radiesse, and other fillers but just dont know what is the best. I am 50 and hate looking in the mirror...i have also sunken cheeks and folds on my forehead to which im getting botox for but my lips are so thin now and the lines on my face are awful...im not vain i just want my makeup to look good and i want to feel good in myself and want something to last a fair bit of time. I cant afford surgery so fillers its gonna be
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aw doggroomingqueen I feel for you. I think I must be a bit Ocd because when I look in the mirror in the morning I don;t want to leave the house, I feel so ashamed of my face, ruins my life! I am ten years younger than you but years of up and down weight, eating disorder stuff, and general bad living have aged me. Have you looked into Ulthera (some places WAY cheaper than others, but you should make sure other people had a good outcome)? It lifts, not fills, but supposedly it's pretty good. I am researching it. If you do fillers do juvederm over restalyne (lasts a bit longer) and if you really like it go for the truly long term. That's all I know for now, just my experience.
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Hi there,
i actually went back and had my doctor touch up Radiesse and the results were amazing.
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Hi Santa Monica =) I'm glad it turned out well for you. I remember my first panic thinking that things didn't look even. It was explained to me that there is always a risk of bruising, and there is always the potential for more product having to be added.

With that being said - I've learned that sometimes more product may have to be added. I also learned (for myself) that sometimes things even out over a period of time.

I love the product, thrilled with the DR that does my injections. I do know that if I want to look entirely normal for an event, that I give myself a period of time to recover - and for the product to settle.

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A couple of weeks ago I deceided I would have Radiesse as I had a couple of lines around my mouth. Well several days later after the injection I looked like a Chipmunk. Red, swollen, I just couldnt go out. I had to go to the Doctors and was given an anti-inflamatory and antihistamine tablet. I was so worried I thought it would not clear up, but it has. BUT I would never have it again as it gave me such a fright, I think I will just live with a few lines on my face. I work in a Doctors surgery I think I should have had more sense , but there you go I didnt.
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Hi, so sorry you are not happy with your results. I actually live in Brentwood too and am considering Radiesse. All the reviews indicated that results are based on the injectors experience. I haven't found anyone who has been to the doctor I am considering so I am curious about who your doctor is..his nurse is actually going to be the one doing the injections. Any advice/info you have would be greatly appreciated..
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Hi Santa Monica,

Oh my, I'm so sorry this happened to you. Have you gone back to see you doctor? The good news is Radiesse is actually not permanent, you should check out what out what our doctors answers to the Q&A How Long does Radiesse Last. Please keep us updated and I hope the swelling goes down in a few weeks. 

Thanks so much for the review,


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