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Hi girls, So I had my consultation with Mr...

Hi girls,

So I had my consultation with Mr Meleagros at Transform yesterday and have my fingers crossed for the 4th of April!

Still feeling confused about what size to go for - I'm currently a 34C/D. I'm 5'8'', 9st 9lbs.

I'm having silicone overs - and need to decide between 525cc and 460cc - edging towards the 525s but they look huuuuuge on some people!

Any advice, especially from those with similar stats would be great :)

So it's all booked now - 4th of April. Pre-op...

So it's all booked now - 4th of April. Pre-op consultation on Thursday :)
Transform/ Mr Meleagros

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Hi i have booked my second BA with Mr M on 13/4/14 am really scared this time around. I am having removal of 365cc PIPs that are under the muscle and replaced with 410cc Naturalle overs. I have my pre op on Monday.
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Hi Kate, How was your operation? Are you happy with the results? Lan
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I'm on the 3rd! Congrats on setting a date and good luck!!
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Exciting! Where are you having yours done? What size are you going for?
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. You seem tall enough for either size. Did your doctor have a preference for you? Keep us posted!

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No he seemed happy to go with either. Think I'm going to go for the larger. Been wandering around in rice boobies of 525cc and they seem ok!
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That's great...I love it! I wish everyone would wander around in rice boobies before their surgery! Now, are you prepared for your recovery?

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