Breast Reduction Was So Worth It!

I wish I hadn't waited till I was 53 to do this! ...

I wish I hadn't waited till I was 53 to do this! I went from a 40J to a 36C with virtually no pain, no drains, and no loss of feeling whatsoever! I took a few percocets for three or four days after this four hour out patient surgery, but I was back at work delivering mail two weeks later.

I was out shopping five days afterward, going braless! What a dream come true! My insurance paid for it because I had back problems and asthma, so all I had was a copay.

The incisions have faded, and are beneath the breast anyway, so aren't visible. My husband is thrilled, too, and he loved my big boobs! Ladies, do it! I can wear so many clothes now that I couldn't before, and I no longer hang to my waist!

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Dr. Mark Boschert at Renaissance Plastic Surgery is the best. I'm a very modest person and he made me feel so comfortable. He has great bed side manner, is very professional yet personable and his work is fabulous. I'm even, which I never was before, because he did both sides himself, rather than having someone do one breast while he did one. What a wonderful doctor, surgeon and person he is!

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I have posted questions but i am totally clueless how to go about getting the correct documention and everything my insurance wants for them to cover my reduction. My insurance doesnt cover back doctors but I was told I can go to a reg doc to get documention what should i do?
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I am 51 years old and am going in to having breast reduction surgery in a couple of hours. I am a little scared. I am worried about the pain afterwards. Can anyone tell me how bad the pain is. I am a size 44 DD and my doctor said he was going to take me down to a c.

Thanks for your help
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I;m 54 and I just had my breast reduction surgery yesterday afternoon. Other than trying to shake the grogginess from anesthesia and the subsequent morphine I'm doing great. For pain management I started out taking only 1/2 of Percocet 5 every 3 1/2 hours x 3 after I got home last evening, the 1/2 tablet this morning. Since noon today I've only taken 2 doses of tylenol 500 mg about 4-5 hours apart. I'm not sure what size bra I'm down to but I'm coming from a 32DDD bra size with bust measurement of 39 1/2. My family talked with the surgeon, but I was out of it, and he didn't tell them (HIPPA I'm sure). I see him in the morning and will find out then. I'm thrilled already and I haven't even seen my incisions - I just know I no longer look like I'm teetering forward, and I feel like my boobs fit my body now. I haven't had any upper back/neck pain since yesterday. I'm 54 and I've never not worn a substantial bra 24-7, nor have I ever worn a strapless dress or one with straps for that matter, but I think I just might be able to now...if I wanted. No more buying every bra they have in my size, just to make sure I have one when the old one wears out. And I'll finally be able to go to water aerobics in a bathing suit that fits me all over!!
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Hi Elizabethton -- Congrats on your surgery! Hope you're doing well. If you're interested in keeping a diary of you're progress, you can do so here. That way you can post pics and track your recovery, which is also really helpful for others considering breast reduction.

Rest up! And please keep us updated with how you're doing. Sounds like it's going well so far.

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To get qualified you will most likely need to prove you have back issues- that can either be from your general physician, a chiropractor, etc. and you will need to show that you have tried conservative therapy to help the pain. The magic number usually for insurance to approve is 500g of tissue- my doctor said that would take me from a 38DD to a c so since your band is wider I am sure you would qualify if you aren't severely obese (sometimes that is a factor in approval)

I am in the approval process now- I had chiropractor records from 8 years (since I was 16) that the surgeon is using and I didn't get a referal from the family doctor just called the surgeon and scheduled the consult. My family doctor is out of state (relocated for medical school) and just changed practices so she couldn't pull my records and I am using student health now so it just didn't make sense.

My surgeon said he had only had 2 people in 8 years not qualify with insurance if he felt like they did so I am pretty confident that this summer (after I take my boards) I can get the procedure done.
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This is really helpful info. Thanks for posting!

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Karim go to your primary care dr. tell them the back,neck,shoulder pain you r experiencing and that ur considering breast reduction.they will be happy to write you a letter stating that you will benefit from a breast reduction! Hope this helps :)
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