Was Scheduled for February.....that Has Changed...

I have 42ddd and am going to be going to a c cup.....

I have 42ddd and am going to be going to a c cup.....I have had alot of back issues, and am wanting to get healthy and in shape!!! I am very upset tonight, as I had a date for February 22nd......and they called me this morning to say that they have an emergency breast cancer patient that needs my spot.......I am compassionate about that....however, this is my journey...I am so angry that I finally have taken control of a health issue in my life (I had battled infertility, numerous surgeries etc....until a hysterectomy) so I had no control of my health issues, I had a plan of how I forsaw things would go....have had my pre-op testing and was starting to relax a little......now they have scheduled me for March 28th, which I feel is pretty unacceptable.....6 more weeks to wait, I know I am sounding like a baby....but Im so aggravated :(

Hi Janined! How are you doing I just made it home in my bed had a few complications with my heat racing too fast for a few hours then my color wold change from normal to white and they freaked out about that lol I am feeling pretty good tho just sleepy hope to hear from you soon :-)
Good Luck with your surgery! I'll be thinking of you!
Well Im down to a 23 day wait now.....trying not to think of it....on a good note, I will have money in the bank for new bras and clothes because I have been working out so much........so I guess it worked out okay....and the weather will be better at the beginning of April....so trying to feel positive about it :)
Beverly shafer

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