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Following the birth and breastfeeding of two...

Following the birth and breastfeeding of two infants, I was left with a disproportionately large chest. I decided after meeting Dr. Stevens that the benefits I would gain from a reduction would far outweigh any trepidation I had in undergoing surgery.

I am thrilled with the results and all of the benefits I have gained since undergoing the procedure. I am more flexible, have no lower back pain or shoulder pain and feel 100% more confident in my appearance.

Welcome to RealSelf! How long ago did you have your surgery? Isn't it amazing the difference you feel...physically and emotionally? Glad you are so happy with your results!

Congratulations on your wonderful results!  Your review will definitely help build confidence in the women who are now pre op and nervous.


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I cannot say enough about the professionalism and warmth I experienced in my dealings with Dr. Stevens and his entire staff. From the initial consultation to the thorough follow-ups, every visit was informative and pleasant.

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