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After many years of consideration and pondering,...

After many years of consideration and pondering, it came to the point where I had to have SOMETHING done to help my back and neck. I had massive boobage and it needed to get fixed.

I opted (with input from my husband) for a breast reduction and pursued it with my insurance company. I was approved in a heartbeat. I found a fantastic plastic surgeon in Carrollton, GA.

He did a magnificent *job.* He removed 7 pounds of mass to give my a lovely shapely uplifted "D" size. He is as gentle and dedicated to the art physician as you will find here in West GA. Probably in any part of GA and east AL. Girls, I haven't been this perky since I was 12 and we are loving it.

My back loves it, my neck loves it (sat straight up for the first time in a thousand years when I woke up from the anesthesia) and I have that shapely girly form I have always wanted. I look fantastic and he is brilliant. I can now buy and wear frilly bras, multi-colored bras, and girly shirts. My big breasted sisters know what I'm talking about here - having to buy only men's shirts.

I feel feminine and I feel like a real girl even at 48. If you feel the need and can do it - DO IT!!! Your life only gets better.


That is great news! I also have my BR covered and will be having it this week! Congrats to you!!! I would love to see before and after pics!!!!!
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You need to take your daughter to her primary care physician & complain to him about neck & back pain & he'll refer her to physical therapy which won't help & after 6 or 8wks of that get a letter from him stating "why" he recommends breast reduction & get referred to a plastic surgeon it took me almost 7mths for my insurance to approve it but they finally did & am scheduled for surgery Nov 5th,09. You need to be persistant & fight the insurance co! Depending on our insurance if you don't need a referral to go to a specialist just make an appt. Good luck!
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could you please share with me what information you needed to share or prove to your insurance company to gain coverage. My daugher is 20 yrs old, a 36G, we are having trouble with authorization and they are dictating that 527 grams be taken from each breast. That is hard to conceive since we don't know what size that will really make her. Should I send her to a doctor complaining of back pain? She can't stand them any longer. thanks
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